Sunday, June 15, 2014


President and Vice President candidates


After the 1st debate last week, today June 15, 2014 is the 2nd debate between President's candidate without vice President, head to head. The theme are Economic development and social welfare.

In the 1st debate, both President's  candidated supported or rely on their vice who had long experiences as Ministers and vice President of current President. Let us see how the debate going on without the Vice President's candidates.

Meantime in the last one week, the campain got worse, hotter cause by black and negative campaign for both sides mostly by social media, also a new weekly paper but false address. The paper distributed for free mostly to Moslem boarding school in populated village areas in West and East Java.

Both candidates wear differ dress, Prabowo wear party's uniform, white Safari and Moslem cap, while Jokowi wear dark color formal dress with red tie.

Prabowo plan to combat massive corruption and the fund will use it for economic program.
In the other hand Jokowi concenctrate his effort to built transparant system first Nationally to prevent or minimize the massive corruption such as e-budgetting, e-auditing, e-procurement etc.

Prabowo always remind that he should close drawn out of Indonesia's resources taken abroad by foreign corporates. He welcome foreign Investment by bring foreign funds in, but not take advantage of local funds.

Double tack

In the other hand Jokowi master's plan are to build and invest in Sea toll roads and double track trains. The regular ship's will carry goods and passangers from the West to Central and to the East of Indonesia and vise versa, so the big gap's goods price and fare between the regions will be goes down to equal price. The double tract train roads also will be built in out side Java island, Sumatra, Kalimantan and in East Indonesia's archipelago.

Shipping lines

Mining site
The hot question raised by Prabowo concerning foreign corporate contracts, do Jokowi agree to renegotiate ?. Jokowi's respond quite reasonable by saying that he should honor the contracts signed. But if the contracts say we have the right to renegotiate for the sake of the country, we shouls do it right away. Prabowo's plan worry foreign Investors to the plan of contracts renegotiation if Prabowo - Hatta in power.


Many young generation doing creative bussineses such as design, art performances, animation but not managed properly and less supported from the Government. Jokowi asking what Prabowo plan to do with this kind of bussines. Unexpectedly, Prabowo agree and approching and shake hands Jokowi.

Talking about vicious circle of high rate of birth, unemplyoment and foods production, Prabowo and Jokowi remind the old program that less attention in the last decade is to strengtenth birth controle program and remind citizen that "2 kids are enough".

In order to improve social welfare, Prabowo plan in macro economic program, while Jokowi down to earth by implement Nationally, 2 special programs "Indonesia health and Indonesia smart" that had been implemented in Jakarta province level by saw the audiences 2 cards kept in his pocket.

Approaching 2015 ASEAN community free competition, Prabowo eager to elevate high esteem of Indonesian to be Asia's lion by massive economic program. But Jokowi declare new paradigm named "Mental revolution" begin in education. Education system should switch from concentrate to knowledge based to balancing between moral and then knowledge.

In this 2nd debate both candidate less confidences without supporting by the vices. The 1st debate credited for Jokowi and the 2nd are almost in similar scores. Lets wait to the 3rd debate, next week June 22, 2014
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