Sunday, June 22, 2014


Jokowi (left) Prabowo (right)

Tonight, June 22, 2014 is the 3rd debate of Indonesia President's candidates concerning International policy and National defence after 2 debates about democrasy, law, human right, economy and social welfare.

After 2 previous debates was over public aware what global views of both candidates. The 1st couple are represented of high class of society and also told the planning and programs in macro or global.
While the 2nd couple represented common and poor society and explain planning and program in micro or in detail plan.

Meanwhile, in the last 2 weak, politic climate tend to hotter in TV news or in social media as well. Some campaigns beyond democratic boundary and reported to the Police, Press committe and Election supervicor committee as well.
Jokowi in traditional Batik

What the outcome or score of this 3rd debate not yet clear since the 1st couple are former army General and former senior Minister facing 2 bussines man and former vice President and senior Minister too.

Prabowo again remind how to protect Indonesian resources that many took out of the country illegally and should be used for social welfare. That was why many poor Indonesian going abroad to find the jobs since no jobs available in the country. If we could improve our economy, the people not necessarily go outside the countries.

Prabowo in white party uniform and black cap

In the other hand Jokowi took special attention to big coalition of Prabowo side that many Moslem parties in the coalition. Jokowi would support Palestinian as a country and as a member of United Nation.
For work forces who will going abroad, Jokowi plan is only send trained work forces before sending to the countries who had special law of protection foreign labors.

To protect border territories and disputes islands, both agree to protect every inch of the territory. Jokowi who known as a kind personality and Prabowo as a tough one, in this time Jokowi saw his toughness by saying that if the territory and the certain islands belong to Indonesia, every things must be done for the sake of the country's integrity.

The debate's climate tend to friendship and calm democtaric as moderator acknowlede and tree times Prabowo agree and support of what Jokowi had said about trained work forces before allowed going abroad, about local production of army hardwares and weaponry and diplomacy or good neighborough.
In joke words Prabowo's remark  that the audience more harder then both President candidates in the questions answers session. After every candidate finished the statement, supporters clap hands and in standing ovation.

In the close statemen Prabowo again and again remind that every program and campaign are meaningless if we are unable to protect our National resources from big leaking out ofthe country.

In the debate as usual Prabowo wear white party uniform and Moslem black cup as representative of many Moslem parties in the coalition. In the other hand Jokowi change his formal dress to a Batik, Indonesian traditional shirt.

Before the debate most people worried about Jokowi as a civil candidate facing army General will talking a hard theme about National defence. But when the answer and question session take place, Jokowi talked more details then the former army General.

In this 3rd debate, seem both got same scores after the 1st credited for Jokowi and 2nd debate also more or less in the same scores. Now its Indonesian citizen to decide vote for the best for the country.
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