Friday, May 30, 2014


Some one inherited soul of risk taker from their parent and the environment they lived in daily basis beyond their education.

Rantau Prapat town

It was my life experienced and the life of my children as well.
My parent run their own business in rubber, rice, textiles and transportation from one village to another village market. Occasionally, I accompany them doing the bussiness and develop my habitual.

When I was worked in a rubber facory manager in remote town, Rantau Prapat, North Sumatra with relatively highpay check and lots of facilities such as housing, car, free meal but not too actractive to hold me tight to stay. My soul speak out loud seeking new challenges in the big city, while 2 my kids still todlers, under 2 years old.

In Bandung city square

We (my wife and me) agreed to leave this abundant facilities and sailed to capital city, Jakarta.... unemployment. For short period of time, I was worked as a reporter in daily news paper, Suara Karya, drive motor bike.
Not too long my dream come true when got a job in a corporate Bank belong to Government, Bank Rakyat Indonesia.

Working 21 years in this Bank and reached the top position as Branch manager and vice General manager. Feeling no more challenge in this position and fierce competition to be seated as General manager or Managing Director, then took a risk decision to retire early in 48 years of age.

In front of Kupang branch

Then set up my own company and apply for the big loan almost US $ 1 million, exactly $ 986.000 for import Heavy equipments to be rent in Jakarta port. We earned a lots of money including afford to send 3 children study in State.

Stacker in Jakarta port

Send children abroad also have a big risk if in the middle of the study something bad happened in our business and unable to afford their study. Fortunately, thanks God, the tree of them got a good jobs. One in a Bank in South California, one as a Mal Director in Jakarta and the girl as a Secretary of  a Conglomerat in Jakarta.

The 3 children inherited from the environment they lived when their father as Bank high official who lived in safe heaven not in risk taker soul as I am, they preferred to work as a Staff in the Corporate, no one of them try to take a risk, leave their secure job.

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