Monday, March 31, 2014



My feel mix up between sad in one hand and glad the other hand when watching a film Son of God on March 30, 2014 with my wife, daughter Peggy Situmeang and her only daughter Antonia Jones and Mr Ino.

Sad to see how Yesus suffered, crying, blood wounded by whip 40 times in his back until crucified and nailing in the cross for the sin of the human being and me. I am also sad for bearing pain, unable to walk back normally.

In the other hand glad to see the ancient time background of Israel that I just read recently in the old Testament since January 1, 2014 in daily basis. Today I had been read from page one, Genesis, Exodus until 2 Kings, hopefully finished to the end before the end of the year.

My wife and me, knew mostly what the story of the the film talking about. What the new knowledges for me among other thing are ;
- Politic involved in decision making proces to crucified Yesus. 
- The sentences of Yesus as one of the reason the Priests accused him said : "No single block will be stand still". Priest translated that Yesus thread to destroy the Temple in Yerusalem as they report to Pilatus, the Rome commander in Israel.
- When the crowd entered Pilatus court yard, most of Yesus followers not allow to enter the door. So the decision preffered to release Barabas, robber, murderer instead of Yesus was not democratic way. This is what Peggy made a comment.
- The argue among Pilatus and the priest, about what should be written on the cross of Yesus. Pilatus decided :"The king of Hebrew" instead of "He names himself the king of Israel" as priest asked.
- After 3 days of burial, Maria rush early morning to see the tomb and find out the big stone door open and Yesus was gone. Suddendly the voice coming said :"Maria". She knew the voice well and answered : "Yes Rabby". My conclusion is that we knew God voice for sure, if we close with Him.

Before enter the movie at Blitz at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta down town, we have dinner at Japan restaurant in Ex Grand Indonesia treated by my daughter Peggy to happy her parent and good time with her daughter Antonia.

We plan to see the movie at 7.15 pm at a big room, but the tickets sold out, so we have to wait another one hour at a smaller room at 8.15 for 2 hours film.
On the way home my wife who love to read the holy Bible daily basis, made a lots of comments including comparing to the other film of Yesus we watching previously in videos "Yesus of Nazareth". We reach home almost midnight and recall the film on bed, strengtenth our faith.

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