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How far we can fly, how solid our wing are, ultimately we come back to our origin, place of birth, families and environment where our origin coming from. Like well known Indonesian proverb said :"Setinggi punai terbang, akhirnya ke kubangan jua". How high President Obama fly with Air force 1, he never forget his ancestor, place of birth and places he grown up.
Tapian Nauli gulf, Sibolga

This view never get bored even I saw it hundred of times since my childhood up until today, since I was born here in this area, just about 15 miles away North, in Lapaan Lombu village, Sitahuis sub distric over the small clear river flow and under thick green trees including fruit tress, langsat and durian. Our first ancestor were from Tarutung town, 70 kilometers North. The story told that they moved to Gontingmahe, not too far from Sibolga town to the West on the road to Barus town.

Located in Central Tapanuli district, North Sumatra, in the West coast facing blue ocean. This beautiful area located  around 125 miles South of Lake Toba or abound 300 miles from Medan, North Sumatra capital.

In rainy season, usually in the end of the year, special fruit "Langsat" or duku sold in a temporary hut or in front of the houses in the road side. My families had our own trees like the one below,  just climb up the trees, cut by hand and eat, wihout uncover and without rinse, jut put it in the mouth, sip...hmmm sweet, delicious , fresh from the tree branches.. I like these fruits since my childhood
 Langsat fruits
                                         Radio Republik Indonesia

One memorable thing in my home town is Radio, Radio Republik Indonesia or R.R.I, a Radio belong to the Government. When I was in Junior high school, 1960, 5 decades ago, I used to listen to this Radio and my father as well, to hear the Top news, including of latest Rubber price in Singapore. Based on the news Rubber traders set the price to buy Rubber in town and villages. Singapore Radio the first station who taught my ears to memorized English accent, while Suara Malaysia radio, entertained my ears and feeling with Melayu songs that familiar to our,  Sumatra ears.

Sibolga town community never separated their being and soul from The Sea, Sand/beach and fish. When I was in Junior high School, it was my ritual visit to the harbor in down town where ship loading and unloading cargo. In the edge of the harbor I used to take a seat with peanuts, sold by a man from West Sumatra who yelled a special words :"Kacang goreang", again and again. They sold it in a can cup. Some time I went with my youngest sister, Florida (deceaced) and my big sister oldest daughter Sinta Simbolon.

Unconscious, at that time we are not too interested about the beauty of the sunset, but truly is, the view still linked to our mind and soul, we realized it then when we are far apart and moved to another part of the country, something missing and wish to see it again as soon as we can.

The historical points that we always missing   is our home when I was teen along with family members sisters and parents. To keep that memories alive, most of the house kept it as it is, as the original. The windows in the guest room facing the main road/the river and the right side, the old design doors, the room belong to my parent still the old one, since we buy it in 1955.

We moved down to Sibolga town from the village and bought that house, because my village occupied by the rebel, The Revolutioner Government, PRRI while the town under Central Government. When I was in the 1st class of Junior high, I had to leaved the school and town to the village for security reason. The town bombardier by the rebel from the mountain surrounding the town. When it happened we run back to our house and saved under the bed.

One memorable spot will never be forgotten is  the road between kilometer 1 -  10, a very steep hill and valley where water flow endlessly since my childhood, hundred of times passed this road in to and out of Sibolga town to the North, to the next town Tarutung, Lake Toba and  then the capital, Medan city. No other way around. The historical places are the waterfall (photo below), 2 solid rock tunnels and the view of the Gulf far below and Sibolga town down 8-10 kilometers away.


The last but not least was the foods of Sibolga especially or Tapanuli generally, the taste very close to west Sumatra menus, Padang food recipes with coconut, hot chilly and mixing with another hot ingredients to be a yummy menu of fresh fished or grilled. Beside a special meat grilled of  Sate Padang, almost similar taste with Padang origin, Sibolga citizen missed it a lot. We may find one in Jakarta or in other part of Indonesia, but still the taste differ with Sibolga or Padang as well.

Many more stories about my home town and if you wish to dig more, please go to my blog, I wrote a lots about my home town, Sibolga and surrounding in that blog.
Thank you for reading this topic.
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