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Our attitude in business  or profesional will affected directly to our future, and to our family wellfare. You may preffer either one, the consequences depend on the organization we cling to.

Basically in business practices, take a risk are most common, while in professional job, safety players are most choices then take a risk. Let the risk belong to the management or share holders.

In my own case, from my parent business blood, I inherited as a risk taker. In my life time, at least tree cases I took the risk consequences.

Indonesia archipelago

Yogjakarta city, Central Java

The first
, in early 1960s, after graduated from Senior high school, I insisted to go to University far away from home. My home town is in North Sumatra island, Indonesia and the University is in Central Java island. In Java no one relatives or friends available to help. Beside, I am the only boy in the family. So with a closed friend we sailed 3 days and nights to Jakarta, Java island and spend a night train to Yogjakarta city in Central Java. It was brave soul at that time. When step up to the Bus, my Dad reminded me :"You should back home soon whenever I couldn't afford to pay your tuition fee", he said.
Ultimately, after 6 years I backed home with a certificate and then become high official in a corporate State own Bank in Indonesia.

UCLA, Los Angeles

The similar message told again when I sent 3 of my children went to USA for study. With all struggles and problems, after graduated, they work as the executive in USA and Indonesia.

Second, in my young age, had a baby and a toddler,  I was assigned as automatic Rubber factory manager  in Rantau Prapat town, North Sumatra. I got good pay cheque, house and car facilities and free meal. But that condition can't hold me to stay. I preffered out of the comfort zone, while young.
My dream is working in the Goverment environtment with secure position and good family welfare. So we say good bye to the Rubber factory in remote town and heading to Jakarta, the capital, unemployment for temporarily (few months) before enter a Corporate, State own Bank.

Third, in my senior age, 51 years, 4 years before retirement period, the risk taker soul flare up again. My position in the Bank is in the 2nd echelon as R&D Deputy General manager with a lots of facilities. I think the opportunity be seated in Management position is impossible. So, I think out of the comfort zone again, try new opportunities out there.

A year before I set up a new family own company and apply the loan to buy heavy equipments for rental business in Jakarta port. As soon as signed the loan for US $ 1 million, then I ask for early retirement and run my own company. Finally I got 2 sources of income, one from the Bank and two from my own company, then I could afford tuition fee and life expeces for 3 kid study in USA.

Bank BRI Building I, II, Jakarta

Many friends accused me had been made a mistake, the risk decision leaving honorable position with tie all the time in a big Bank and start a risky business working with T shirt and blue jean in the port enviroment, sweat and dirty oily hardwares.

My two sons are safety players and sincere, working in diffrent size companies but in a good management system to secure their positions. The older one in medium size local Bank in State. His loyality to the company yield a good income. The younger one, working in Corporate Mal management and good system. His loyality over decade in the company finally promoted him as a Mal Director in quite young, 35 years.

My daughter and son in law working in the big family business with bad management systems. Their position not so secure in the future but they are not the risk takers. Fortunately they got a good income.

Our fate not depend on outsider but depend on ourself as a risk taker with many possibilities or a safety player. Make up your mind.

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