Tuesday, December 17, 2013


You may proud of yourself, being in the top, well dress, drive luxury cars, big houses and modern living. But who really you are in the eyes of your neigbourghs ?

US is a very great country as a model for countries around the world in many sectors, way of life, democracy, education, films and many many more. But in budgetting, US not the one to be followed. Why ?

Goverment organization are very fat, States and Federal, need a huge of budget to run it. In other side, Republican always reject any proposals to increase the taxes, especially from the rich, big corporates. The gap between expences and income become bigger and bigger from year to year. The gap then closed by Goverment debt. This time total debt in the top, exactly
$ 16,7 trilyun. The highest debt ever in the world. I couldn't calculated, how long this debt decreased to reasoable figure.

As long as Repulican not agree to tax rich bracket society and corporate, the debt become too heavy to carry until collapse some time later.
The debt needed to finance the war since Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan and other countries, including the fleets in the ocean and airplanes. US so ambitious  send troops to other countries who need huge expenditures for daily basis.

Thanks to Obama Goverment to hold not to involve any more to the new war, including to Syria. Let United Nation handle and finance all effort toward peace there, including to finance the refugee outside 
Syria. Also to deploy troops from Afganistan and Irag, mean a lots for decreasing expenses for troops.

In homeland the war between the two parties never ending about Obamacare, who also need a huge of budget to finance the medical for many citizen not yet covered by the insurance policy. This program is good for vote in 2nd term for Obama that Republican try to cancel.

Question arise when Republican argee to the new debt ceiling proposed by Democrat. For 2014 budget $ 1 trilyon means that Goverment wouldn't closed any more services due to the rejection by Republican party.
Does this new budget 2014 jut as a strategy for Republicans who will forward in Presidency candidates 2015. Closed of federal  services won't happened again and ruin the Republican party image. Republicant ignore Tea party who always opposed program of Democrat.
Not mention one small thing about Obama travel to Asia canceled due to closed of Federal office.

What happened daily in US politic, economy always follow closely around the World and US Goverment should take it to consideration what the bad effect in the long rub to US image. 
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