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Travel by Bus from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia republic to Sumatra island, from the South to the North would give a glance the way of life of people lived in Java island, the most populated island in the country.

Imagination about thick jungle in the old era, nowadays changes and replaced by palm oil plantation from South West to North Sumatra make Indonesia. among the bigger exporter of palm oili the world.

From ancient history, Sumatera means Malay island that was why Sumatra culture and language more close to Malaysian culture than Javanese culture.

In Jakarta we may find a Bus station in many locations depend on where are you going. If you going to Palembang city, South Sumatra find a station of Bus origin from Palembang, the Bus owner lived at Palembang too. The same way if you are going to Medan or Toba lake in North Sumatra.

gambar motor trail honda, gambar motor trail

In South Sumatra you will amaze to see the function of  motor trail carry few bags of coffee, to force the driver seat in very front of the saddle. The coffee you drink might be come from this region. The farmers use trailer to pass the mountain or muddy roads.

In case you speak bahasa Indonesia language, you would hear the mix dialoque of Malaysia, Java, Sunda to inform us that the people were imigrants came fom Java island to the region whose language influnced by Malaysian.
In the South landscape mostly in flat condition not jungle, for agriculture done by imigrants came from Java island.

Bukittinggi town, West Sumatra

West Sumatra Governor office

Going the the West Sumatra you will enjoy and entertaing by green enviroment, rice  fields, great valley, cold mountains and many mosques across the road. It is really peacefull environment. It's not wild jungle but the mountains maintained for plantation.

Most people lived in agriculture including rice, plant cacao for international market make them lived in high level of welfare compare to the other regions in the country.

The Goverment manage the region clean and prosperous including promotion tourism by held Bike international racing, Tour de Singarak for the last 3 years with high prizes founded by districts, regional and National budget yearly basis.

Singkarak lake

Going back to the North East, we enter Pekanbaru city, Riau Province, the centre of Oil refinery belong to Chevron, previously Caltex. We will pass refineries, big trucks, pick up truck made in USA belong to the oil company and contractors to the oilcompany.

Cevron mini market

People of this region lived in prosper too rely on two sectors, oil dan palm plantation belong to the personals or local companies and foreign investments.
No more jungle in two sides of the road, now replaced by green palm oil plantation as far as we see.

Forward journey to th North to Medan, North Sumatra we may drive inter city Bus through the night, we wouldn't see the jungle, valley and hills and will arive late in the morning.

In the middle of the night 

Before reach Medan city we may spend a day or two in the West coast or in beautifull Lake Toba. The first stop in Sibolga town face a gulf of Tapian Nauli through bending and up road facing to the ocean, really amazing. In both sides of the road, actually isn't scary jungle anymore, since cars passing by all the time. The heavy jungle maintenanced by the Government to prevent flooding.
Sibolga town in the gulf of Tapian Nauli

Who love to taste wellknown local food, fish grill sold in the beach in Pandan, don't ever skip it if not you will regret the opportunity.
After a day or two enjoy the peacefll town, taste fresh fishes and cheap accomodation, we forward to the North to Lake Toba. Mini Bus available leave early in the morning and reach the Lake early afternoon and have lunch at Parapat, in the side of the Lake.

From Sibolga - Lake Toba

Writer @Lake Toba

Differ from region to region, in West Sumatra we may see a lots of Mosques as a symbol of Moslem loyality of mayority. In North Sumatra, especially approach Lake Toba Church building as long as road in both sides as a symbol of Christian loyalty of mayority of this region.

The mayority of the tourists come to Toba Lake are from Europe. They stay long to enjoy the peacefull enviroment, beautifull lake and cheap food and accomodation. Many options of Hotels from the cheaper to stars rate. We may book in advance or just show up with negotiation beyond holiday. 

Peacefull lake Toba

The next journey is Medan city, the capital of  North Sumatra. Many direct flight from Medan to Singapore or Kuala Lumpur if you decide to go home.
But remember one more region to go to the  North, the tip of Sumatra island, Banda Aceh province. The region wellknown as Mekkah veranda where the population are good Moslem.

You may take a Bus from Medan to Banda Aceh and see around town how the effect of Tsunami hitted this town where thousand people passed away. You may see a ship landed far away from the shore. But amazingly, a grand Mosque in the center town keep standing around the flooding, where many people shelter while building around collapsed.
Baitulrahman grand mosque, Banda Aceh

The journey end here and you may return by land or by air depend on the length of your holiday. One for sure you will enlarge the knowledge of differ culture and understanding of Indonesia at least about Sumatra island.
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