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April 9, 2014 a big day for Indonesian when they go to elect the next President in general election, since incumbent had run for 2 terms, not allowed to be candidate again.

Many survey agencies published the top 5 candidates who got more than 5% of the survey vote. Beyond the 5 top candidates, many armyy Generals
and Conglomerates but got under 5 % of the vote in the survey.

Foto Jokowi. Nomor Foto: 009

The top 1 is Mr. Joko Widodo, nick name Jokowi, a Jakarta city Governor, a cadre of PDIP party, Development democratic party, headed by Mrs, Megawaty Soekarnoputri, a daughter of the 1st Indonesia Presiden, Soekarno.

Second is Prabowo Subianto, army General, initiator of Gerindra party, a Conglomerate and the son of welknown economist, ex Minister, Prof.Dr.Soemitro, son of law late Indonesia President Soeharto who run the country very long, 23 years until 1998.

Third, Mrs. Megawaty Soekarnoputri, head of PDIP party, a daughter of the 1st Indonesia President. She was No.3 under the party cadre Mr. Jokowi in the 1st place.She was ex Indonesian President in year 2.000

The fourth is Mr. Jusuf Kalla, a Conglomerat origin from South Celebes island, ex Vice President in 2004 - 2009. He is ex head of  Golkar party. He turn down to be a Democratic party candidate, the ruling party headed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

The last is Mr. Abu Rizal Bakrie, a Conglomerate, head of Golkar party, the party belong to the 2nd Indonesia President, army General Soeharto.
He was ex economic Minister Coordinator in 2004 - 2009, one among 3 Coordinators in the Ministry.

Two of the canditates, Mrs. Megawaty Soekarnoputri is a daughter of the 1st President, Soekarno and Mr. Prabowo Subianto is the son in law of the 2nd President, Soeharto.

Two of them been run the country as President and vice President, Megawaty Soekarnoputri and Jusuf Kalla.

According to a top Newspaper in the country, Kompas daily who done the survey publish June 2013 survey. Jokowi got 32,5%, Prabowo 15, Abu Rizal 8,8%

Tree of the 5 candidates are Conglomerate who afford to spend much funds for campaign advertisment in many televisions in Indonesia. Mr. Prabowo Subiyanto from rich family, father and son of law of President who play a role in business related to Soeharto family.
Then Mr.Jusuf Kalla, experience as Conglomerate and as vice Prsident as well. He take advantage of the possibility of his origin, President from Java and Vice President out of Java island.

The stunning phenomenal is the No.1 candidate, Mr.Jokowi, not a Conglomerate, not a family of ex President, not an army General, not head of a Party. He was Jakarta's Governor just for one year, but make a lots of breaktrough. His attitude very simple, humble, hard work, sincere and attract special attention from people across the country through massive Television channels news.

Many candidates from many small parties who appointed head of the party as a President candidate may hand in hand to organize coalition in order to get minimum 20% treshold, to allowed to appointed one candidate for a coalition

Recently many parties approach PDIP party, the possibility to couple Mr, Jokowi as President and Vice President from interested party.
Lets wait to what Mrs. Megawati has to say about appointed Mr. Jokowi in the near future.

Meanwhile, the ruling party, Democratic party left behind, busy held a Convention of many candidates, The best  one will appointed as President candidate later.
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