Saturday, May 18, 2013


Bali temple and dancer

Many foreigners knew well about BALI island is a Tourist destination in Asia somewhere close to Singapore or North of Australia. They think this tiny island is a Country, Kingdom or Republic.

Bali is one province among 34 provinces in Indonesia Republic, located between Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand in the North and Australia in the South. In Google map you may see it in South East Asia region.
If you walk around your Hotel or Villa in town or close to the beach, atmosphere look like somewhere in Hawaii, most visitors are foreigners from around the World including in the small cafes he roads.beside t

Even modern life entered Bali for long period of time, Balinese keep the religion and old tradition. Below is a Galungan ritual, Funeral ritual Ngaben for burning Hinduism religious

Although Indonesia Republic is Moslem country, citizen in Bali island mostly are Bali Hinduism. Denpasar city, capital of Bali is unique with Temples in every house compound with burning incense day and night as the offer to goddess along with flowers.

People daily life not far from religious ritual, traditional dance performance, paintings, sculpuctures.

Bali people life lived peacefully in green terrace rice field with flowing irigation, surrounding by arts performance, painting, sculpuctures and nice beaches with a lots of 5 stars hotels, Bungalows and Villas but people not influenced by modern living. They take advantage of the pour of tourists as the main income for their welfare.
Welcome to BALI, Indonesia !!!
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