Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Good character of the children may begin from their childhood, regularly, continously, ultimately will form the good soul in their life.
Antonia Lydia Jones begin shares foods to the poor since she was 10 years old in grade 3, until now grade 9. It was run for 6 years by now, 2012.

Her birthday didn't celebrated in a cozy cafes as her friends did but only with her families beside set aside some funds for buying 20 - 25 packets from fast foods resto such as Hoka hoka Bento or Fried chicken along with a box of sweet tea. The value not too much, but a special and luxury for the poor, they never dream off.

Not only on birthday she set aside some funds, also when her mom, Peggy L.Situmeang, got raise or bonuses, Antonia asked her mom to do it again to share the food for  poor in the street side or  begging in the red lamps.

They drive slowly near dinner time watching and approaching man, woman, children pull a chart or stop charts of waste things like hard box, papers, mineral water bottles, dold model TV, broken bikes etc. Some time kids lay in the chart.

They prefferred relatively old, non smoking man, no mobile phones in hand or a man carry a big plastic back walking slowly of heavy burden things.

Some of them enjoy the dinner time on the dusting road side with a very simple menu, a pack of instant noodle. Then instantly continue the second luxury dinner.

This habit then told to her nieces, Ramos and Salomo, sons of her mom's sister who follow the same aim, the poor  in the street, mostly waste things collectors in the capital of Indonesia, East Jakarta.
After distributed the food one evening Salomo  asked her mom, Vera Situmeang : "When we do it again Mom, I like it", he said in a big smile.

Salomo and his mom Vera
(upper)...Ramos (below)
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