Friday, November 23, 2012


Warm wind blow from the North sea of Jakarta, make the citizen smile, big smile after their wallet fill in a "health care card", access card to health facilities for free of charge.

In populated city of develop countries one among the most needed program is health care facilities to the citizen, mostly in low - middle class bracket income. It is happened too in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.

 Fortunately new installed Governor and Vice Governor, Mr. Joko Widodo and Mr.Ahok, just running the city in October 15, 2012. Only a month in power, they fulfill their promises to the public in the campaign, before elected, to let poor citizen have the access to the health facilities for free, just saw "a health card" to 88 (eihty eight) hospitals belong to the Government and other private hospitals related.

Total number of citizen will get the health cards projected are 4,7 millions with a quite big budget year 2012, Rp. 1,2 trilyun or equivalent US$ 130 millions. Governor guaranteed that local goverment afford to pay on time.

Simple citizen of Jakarta may take advantage of Hospital services untill the 3rd class of hospitala who scattered in Jakarta city. The hospital print receipts and to be paid monthly basis by the local Goverment budget.

We may saw big smiling of the people who visit the hospital regularly for free. Hospital doctors admitted that patients increase double in a month to utilized the free facilities, until chemography treatment.
The health facilities also including Ambulance car to carry patient from their house to the Hospital, also for free.

The similar program run in the pervious Governor or in another provinces in Indonesia, but what make it diffrent by now in Jakarta is that Governor open management and announced publicly in TV that whoever not get appropriate service from the hospitals may report to the Governor.

By year 2012 total of Hospitals who involve in Jakarta health card are 88 (eighty eight) across 5 municipalities in Jakarta. Off course some hospitals not ready yet in term of technical and procedures. But soon they will support the program, belong to Goverment.

This warm wind will blow spread across Indonesian archipelago mirrored to the capital, especially to the rich provinces who had enough local income to covered the costs.

For Jakarta new Government not only promised the health care program, also to keep the city green by set a big ratio for greeny area, where pedesterian could enjoy walking under the tree and set a special line for mountain bike.

Beside 2 mayor obstacles in the populated city of Jakarta are flooding and traffic problem. Hopefully in 5 years period till year 2017 these problems could solved at least more convenience to lived. 

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