Friday, November 2, 2012


Most people, at least in my country, Indonesia, didn't understand that stroke attack patient should take the opportunity as soon as leaving the hospital, in 3 - 6 months golden period. Over that time every effort to recovery tend to meaningless.

In golden period, medication from the doctors should be follow closely, regularly on time and not mix with medication from other practises like Shinshe, Chinese herbal and Alternative or traditional treatment. 
Also visit  the doctors to monitor the recovery development, including laboratory checking as recommended, minimum for cholesterol and diabetic level and high blood pressure.

Beside, food consumption should be taken care seriously, away from meat, except chicken, away from fat, sugar, limit carbohidrat from rice and wheat. Intake more fruit and vegetable, potato too. Sufficient food needed to support the body to stand.

Since the patient is in weak condition fenced them from bad environment, the sick or at least wear masker if necessary.

In 3 - 6 months is a long day, every minute, every day, every week
never stop exercise even some parts of body especially feet, hand, fingers
in pain.
This golden period are hard time for family to support the sick physically, mentally and financially as well. Only by loving the sick could  strengtenth and motivate the sick to recovery. If the family busy working, now the time to hire a certified nurse to take care every sick need from bath, feed, medication, turn the body in bed till help in exercise at home or in the garden.Specially on weekend, family members take turn replace the nurse to lighten the misery.

We may see the person walking with the left feet unstable or left hand bent inward as the consequences of miss education, miss information of what should be done in recovery process. 

Another thing to remember is go outside from a boring house to your communities, to public garden, to shopping mall, even over a wheel chair
to interact, socialize to get support from them who ever been experience stroke attact, exchange information and also get entertain. Most people will support the sick without asking, they eager to share and to help.

This  topic written from first hand, my own experiences, just now November 6, 2012 enter the 5th months golden period. The last week I begin learning walking without stick 4 round @ 300 meters in 6 minutes by break every round and take a rest around 5 - 10 minutes each round.

My brain welcome 4 rounds a day, even fatique come and need take a rest 2 hours in the afternoon. I plan to achieve 10 round until the end of golden time, in Christmas 2012. Hopefully I am able to stand still, left hand and left feet stronger.

The loving families should take the golden period opportunities with all resources as much as possible. More then 6 months could me more misery than good, more expensive costs and time to take care a patient for years instead of 6 months.

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