Sunday, October 28, 2012


In this modern technology era of medical treatment in the hospital, easily we find alternatives treatment scatter in towns or villages as well. The alternatives offer their services based on the testimonies, while the hospitals relied on scientific research, testing to human being or animals for long period of time and acknowledge around the world.

Alternatives may we treat as a second priority after the hospital as the first priority treatment. The main reason why patients going to the alternatives are costs consideration beside direct testimonies of friends or families who cured. 

But many patients afford to pay the high costs in the hospital but still eager to try how to recover sooner by going to the alternatives, traditional herbal, Shinshe, Chinese practice. Many of alternatives suggested only consume their herbal and leave the doctor prescription.

Just last week, two patiens suffer after stop consume pills as alternative asked. One have to hospitalized again, this time in ICU room and the other one his blood pressure in dangerous stage 180/100.

That is why I write this topic to remind readers, be careful. We may try alternatives, traditional herbal or Shinshe, but remember never ever stop seeing your doctor, consume pills as prescribed.

Tree minimum factors should be monitor closely, high blood pressure, diabetic and cholesterol level and consume pills regularly. Give 3 - 4 hours interval between pills consumption and herbal.

I went down tree time to an Alternative practice near by my house. He serve every patient with 3 ways. First, before touch patient foot, he start with prayer, no matter what is patient's religion. Secondly, he use hammer to hit the toes until the patient shout loud. Seem that he is not satisfy if the patient don't shout loud. Third is drinking of honey mixing with red ginger. The taste is very hot make the patient go to the rest room more often then normally. He said: "more ginger faster the cure". In that way his products sold out faster.

The same theraphy treat to whatever kind of desease. Luckily, I never consume his honey and ginger, its enough just enjoy hammer hit my toes and said...ougghhh.
Many alternatives offer their services regularly in televison and  radio brodcasting, off course with high cost advertisement. But it seem mouth to mouth promotion relatively success proof by seeing many patients in line to be served.

Once again don't risk your life to the testimonies that not proof by scientific method. Every body has their own specific condition and herbal or alternatives unable to cure all kind of deseases with similar treatment or herbal.

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