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                                  National flag
As far as we go around the globe and comparing between alots of countries, what we saw in Indonesian archipelago, no one will deny that this country is like heaven on earth with multi color cultures, hundred of local languages and....beautiful panoramas.

The size of the country almost similar as USA, from Sumatra island in the West and Papua island in the East, bordered with Papua New Guinea. From Celebes and Borneo island in the North bordered with The Philippines and Malaysia and Bali in the South, North of Australia.

                      Toba lake, N.Sumatra

Let me start with Bali island, one province among 33 located in East of Java island. The architecture of the buildings, fences, ststues, decorated as Bali traditional, look mistic, flowers offer to the goddes of Hinduism, even inside the taxi.

Take a walk in the evening in town, cafes, restaurants in every corner of  the roads, most of hang out tourists are  from abroad. Many airports in the world open direct flight to Ngurah Ray airport of Denpasar, Bali. 

The second province is Yogjakarta in Central Java, after 67th independence from the Dutch, still hold a Kingdom status as a special district who govern the province, one city must see with old Palace and traditional culture. Kingdom servants walk bow down inside the Palace compound with token payment but happy to serve the Kings. We may arrange to visit the Palace just walking distance from down town, Malioboro .

Near Yogjakarta city, we may spent a day to see many temples at least two bigger one, Borobudur and Parambanan temple. Step up to the top stupas be unforgotten memory in life.
If you interest to see traditional dances performance or Hindu prayers gathering you should see the schedule. Exotic dance perform under in Parambanan temple yard under full moon.

                      Borobudur temple

Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, populated city in the world you should visit. If you have limited time to go around archipelago, you may visit Indonesian mini garden or Taman Mini Inonesia Indah whith a traditional buildings from each province and some cultures performance just in a day. Don't worry, many International 5 stars hotel in the city. This capital is under a Governor.
Read about Jakarta also written in Baeeack Obama biogrhapy book, when he spend childhood here.

Remember when tsunami hitted Asia in approaching Christmas year 2000, Banda Aceh province was destroyed by the waves, hundred of thousand  died. The monument of griefing may we see in the tip North of Sumatra island,3 hours flight from Jakarta. Among other thing is a big ship landed away from the shore, massal grave and Grand mosque in down town Banda Aceh, the capital stand still as a shelter and witness many people saved.

On the fly back to Jakarta, stop few days in the next province, North Sumatra to see famous Lake Toba, especialy an island in the middle of the lake, Samosir island, peacefull tourist destination, relatively cheap. Take 3 hours drive from Medan city, the capital. You may enjoy Batak traditional song and dance. Mayority of citizen are loyal Christian.
A lots of tourists came from Europe

                     Lake Toba and me

Lets go back to the East of Bali island, many islands with special world heritage, Komodo wizard, the 7th wonder of the world in Komodo island. Beside a traditional whale hunters, the only one in the world in Lembara island. You may join the ship but very risky.
                      Whale hunter

Two spots for sea sport such as diving and surfing in diffrent island. Dozen diving spots in Alor island mostly visit by foreigners. Homestay and diving course run by foreigner and local.

And regularly yearly basis,  world surfing chamhionship in Rote island. Top surfers surely will join the championship. Many of them build bungalows in this island, in the northern of Australia.
These 2 spots are diving and surfing paradise for the sport lovers. We may arrange to visit through Denpasar,Bali island or Jakarta travel agents.

                       Surfing in Rote island

Two provinces in Celebes or Sulawesi island may worth to see.The first is funeral ritual and grave on the rock hill in Tanah Toraja, South Celebes. The corps kept as long as the big families afford to celebrate the funeral ritual by kill a lots of cows. Drive 3 -4 hours North of Ujung Pandang, the capital, see rice fields along the way. Nice panorama.

The second is Bunaken diving spot in Manado municipality, capital of North Celebes. Spend two hours fly from South Celebes. Never  leave  Manado without see this spectaculair under sea panorama.

                       Rice fields

Since my country are archipelago, thousand of islands, most of the provinces sold their unspoil white beach like Batam islands, see night signs of Singapore. On the weekend Singaporean come to visit the beach including enjoy spicy Indonesian foods.

                      Padang barbeque
Tourists who love adventure, look  forward to the East of Indonesia such as diving in Raja ampat, Papua, Ambon province, South West of Celebes, West and East Nusa Tenggara, close to Bali island.

The last but not least is ready to smell local foods aroma from all over the country, spicy, sweet, spicy.

Going any where across the country, you will find "Padang restaurant", spicy food from West Sumatra. Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra. Be carefull, avoid too much chilly, if not willing to shed tears.

Want to try Madura sate, a kind of barbeque cow or goat East Java style. good taste sold in the stalls or in the cafes across the country, the first choice for barbeque style.

In case you travel to Yogjakarta, Central Java after see the temple, have dinner on side street of down town Malioboro street over the sheet and no spoon. Gudeg food, rost chicken mixed with egg, cow skin and special fruit.

Many more foods taste from across the country may find in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, the only district of foods center in the capital.


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