Wednesday, October 10, 2012


                       peggy, no.2 from left and family

"Pap I met a class mate with the same family name", my daughter Peggy Lidya Situmeang said, wondering how coinsidence met Robin Situmeang at Colton high school, Southern California. She just transferred from Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Before find out who Robin Situmeang is, call coming from Robin's father,  said: "Please come for dinner", he insisted. Eager to know who are really this American with Situmeang family name, we spend a night for chatt with this new family.

In the middle of hot and spicy foods, John Situmeang, the host open up a thick wide white paper with family tree structure of big Situmeang family from the first generation till to 14th. Our fingers pin point to the same anchestors from the 1st generation, Jamita Mangaraja Situmeang, till 6th generation.

The 6th, Guru Lippun Situmeang had tree children, 1. Ompu Mangaranap Situmeang, 2. Ompu Lenggang Situmeang and 3. Ompu Sangganiaji Situmeang. My anchestor is the youngest and John's ancestor is no.2.

Now here we are from 7 to 13th generation with differ family tree but still link in solid bond. I call John as big brother since his ancestor older then mine even we are in the same level, 13th. My daughter Peggy, no.14, call John as old father, 13th.

Since then 3 of my children who study in South California had extend family in USA to talk to in case of emergency or at least to taste hot and spicy Oriental foods. While we are stay far away in South East Asia, Indonesia.

Now around South California  alone  many descendant of Situmeang generation 13 - 15. January 2009 at least 50 people gathered in a
year celebration including children and mix couples at Lomalinda city.

Thousands Situmeang descendant, originally born and lived in the South of Toba Lake, North Sumatra, now scattered across Indonesia archipelago and all over the world bonding in solid  Family tree.

The first question asked if a person meet each other in Situmeang family is :"What is your number ?" The answer is to make clear who is the older, beyond the age.
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