Thursday, September 27, 2012


                       Borobudur temple, Yogjakarta

My life principle might be too ideal for some, to make the best possible of everything I did, either in professional life nor social activities as well. The first thing is awareness of being to be on top.

Start as a high school student, always gathering with the group of diligent student who learn hard and passed the exam with score above the average and easily admitted to the the top Universities in the country, Indonesia.

Later few of our peer in Universities to be a successful officials in the country to be our networks doing our professional job or social networks.

One of my room mate, Mr. Sofyan Efendy assigned to be a President of top tree of Universities in Indonesia, name Gajah Mada University at Yogjakarta city, Central Java before selected to be a Minister under President Soeharto.
My class mate in Gajah Mada University, Shahril Sabirin elected as a Governor of Central Bank or Bank Indonesia.

Doing our professional job, do it by passion and learn to be an expert in whatever the job is and whatever your education background. Learning it by doing.

When I was very young, 27 years, graduated from Banking education, assigned as a Crumb rubber factory manager for export, far away in Sumatra island, managed 5 senior managers. I make it, buy raw materials and produce finished goods on time before shipping departure to Europe.

When I switch the profession to be a Banker, I did my best to turn upside down a loss branch become profit bank and build a new office building and house for the manager in remote island. Board awarded me by transfer to a big branch to industrial city, Kudus in Central Java.

Tree years as Bank branch manager in Kudus, the branch enter a bracket of top tree in central Java province among 30 branches before promoted to a bigger branch in Surabay city, capital of  East Java province. 

The key to manage the Bank is to increase sales and services to the old, loyal costumers, also new costumers belong to our competitor's Banks in town. Also keep in the top position among branches across the province.

Not only in operation department we compete to achieve the best. In the support department too, we could be in the top performance.
As a staff  in Head office, I start a computer's project in remote villages from scratch, from one unit pilot project until 1.200 units across archipelago, make personnel costs decrease significantly, 5%. This project open up the opportunities for me to going aboard, to join comparative studies and seminars in the Philippines, Thailand, Hongkong and USA.

New opportunity in private sector open, my business's soul eager to grab it at once and retired early from the Bank, set up new company and applied loan almost US$ 1 million. New company and new sector need serious attention, full responsibility around the clock in competing with heavy equipment rental companies in handling loading/unloading ship. I made it, paid off the loan on time.

In social activities too, we may create something new for community welfare. Minimum 2 shocking changes in my old church, in adapting new technology. The first thing is switching administrative system to computerization. The second is install new central air condition in an old Dutch style building. These two changes for the convenience of the congregation, then become the history.

How our quality or performance in an organization may not admitted verbally, but without our being, the organization not running well, is an indicator that we are one of the pillar in the organization. If a pillar removed, the building is in risk.

In the year of 2011/2012 I was joined 2 committee in traveling. Since I decided in active, the organizations unable to achieve the goal. 

So do your best wherever you get involve, in business or social as well. You will reward accordingly.
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