Tuesday, September 11, 2012


                               Dewaruci Indonesia training ship 

Never intend to write for global viewers consumption in my blog jingga-senja, just for writing exercises daily basis as my hobby and talent. Initially the theme of the topics are tree words, GEL, Growth, Entertaining and Learning.

After 3 years writing until today, September 11, 2012 total topics almost 500, exactly 495 topics and extended outside 3 words GEL, including poems, motivation, travelling, family etc. Since the blog based on Blogger and automatically posted in Google, so the blog read aound the globe. Statisic saw that my writings view in 122 countries.

                                             Poem reading

Unimagined that the viewers average are around 100 a day distributed around the world and the most countries who visited in a week, Sept 4 - 11, 2012 are my country Indonesia 234, Rusia 155, USA 113 , India 65, Australia 19, France 15, Hong Kong 15 and others less then 15.

After read a lots of visitors and viewed across the globe, I start to apply for adsense to earn money from advertizing who will be post in the blog. Waiting for a week to get the approval.

By  writing regularly in my blog jingga senja in English, I dedicated this blog to my nation in order to promote our experiences, cultures, tradition and tourism to the world just like  Indonesian embassy with red and white flag, National flag in front page.
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