Sunday, August 26, 2012


This writing written by a friend, Singaporean who went to several operations, asked me to post his experiences in Singapore hospital. Unfortunately he called for good rest in peace with his God. Good by my dear friend.

Every institution or organization dealing with services always doing their job with human touch, smile, polite, gentle, fast and kept nice to the costumers. Services in health sector got a special attention because related with human fate. Every worker got comprehensive training how to treat costumers, including follow the manual book or SOP, Standard Operation Procedure.

What we get in practice, might be different, the nurses work based on manual book but  less in human touching such as fake smile, less communication, less feeling. Their aim are how to get credit, recognized, promotion from superiors.

In daylight activities they are quite busy with work load, administrative, bathing, feeding etc, then the time less for caring sick people, what they feel, what are their pain.Then late at night most of them take a nap or chatting each other to kill the time, while sick people assumed sleep well. Actually most of them  just closed eyes, try hard to get sleep while endure the pain, careless.
                                                 If we could see inside others hearts

Ironically, the more high nurses position, the more less interact with sick people. They tend to assigned younger nurses or even job trainers to do the job. The boss only to control the job done by the subordinates.

But when doctors come to visit, the boss come forward to accompany and described everything what they done so far, even the boss didn't interacted with the sicks, not even entered the room, but got the credit.

We may classified nurses in ICU rooms and regular/VIP rooms. In
ICU rooms are selected, skilful nurses more than regular rooms because dealing with life and death. Generally speaking, used to see the critical even passed people every day, so their feeling tend  to careless. 

Unbelievable something anomaly may happened in ICU, the family be careful, not complain  of the nurses behavior, worry if the nurses less attention to the sick. Family tend to carry foods or fruits fore nurses in charge in order to give more attention to their sick family.

Nurses in regular rooms behave more polite, care and communicative with the sick and the family. The pain could be ease or communicate with doctors related. In regular rooms we may ring anytime for help that impossible done in ICU.  

Our status in regular rooms categorized as normal sick in stable condition after critical period is over. Nurses more relax and more attention dealt with sick and the family.

                                                   Can't smile without you, the nurses

Hospital management should take more special attention  to train nurses about human behavior factor, not behave as a robot doing work mechanically by the book but more human touching, feeling, symphatetic, true smile, polite and other positive human being.

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