Sunday, September 16, 2012


                      feet cleansing ritual

Many verses in the Bible talking about parables related with mathematic or quotations in order to help us easier to understand what really the meaning behind the numbers.

Lets see some examples like question :" How many times we should forgive ?". The answer are 7 x 77 or 539 times. Its quite funny if someone asked for forgiveness 500 times and not forgiven.
But what the Bible message meaning is that forgiveness should be open ended, unlimited

The basic reason for forgiveness is quite clear that if we turn down forgiven others, God unwilling to forgive our sin. And the reward of sin is dead. So we should be dead by sinning, but by His grace and mercy we apologized not punish to dead. 

The second example is the donation's value not quantify by the number given but by the status.  Poor widow for example with small token donation, given from her shortage,valued higher then the donation given by the rich.

This parable is easy to translated to a quotation such as : 2/1 > 1000/2. The widow had $ 2 in her wallet donate $ 1, while the rich donate $ 2 from his fortune $ 1000
The rich man very proud of his ability to pile his fortune in the barn, talk to himself said :"Be calm my soul, we had everything in our future". God respond to his pride said :"Foolish, tonight is your last time in the world, your fortune unable to save your life"  
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