Monday, September 17, 2012


Accu puncture categorized as Chinese treatment by using 3 cm long needles to stimulated neuro factors across human body from the top to the bottom, from head, shoulder, neck, to arms, hands, fingers, leggs and to other parts of the body.

After all set, the needles electrized with low voltage to the parts related usually hands and leggs, then the wave will rock for 20 - 25 minutes. Needles over the head didn't include electrized
Total needles punctured depend on the degree of attack or pain. In my case, categorized as hard stroke attack, intially start with 43 needles and gradually decrease below 40 before 27 after 3 months, weekly basis. The reason of decreasing is my condition gradually better, especially in the head or brain who command all part of the body.

Actually, this treatment is complementary, coming from external to help internal treatment under med doctor along with medication.
Accu puncture's specialist are graduated from Chinese Universities including practises beside theory.

Generally, not all hospitals welcome accu puncture practise as their service, but to fullfill patient's demand, some hospitals start to include the practise into rehabilition department, under hospital department.

In down town Jakarta, Indonesia capital and also in Chinese citizen compound many accu puncture center legalized by the Government but not under hospital management, with lower rate costs.

In this case Accu puncture not categorized as alternative treatment any more. Result of this treatment had been through comprehensive research not rely only on testimony of the patients.

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