Sunday, September 23, 2012


When I need something, going to my room, kneel down and beg for help. Believe that your prayer answered, cause He knew beforehand what we really need and fullfill it in His time, just like our hairs, God counting. It is my faith, rely solely on Him then my plan. 
My testimony in chronology order as describe below.

06/13/2012...01.38 pm
A misterious email come in from someone I never met, name Sugianto inform that our 6.000 meters land intend to sell by ex owner cause me, the real owner never show up in 2 decades, never planting anything, never pay a visit except when issued the land title. 

He asked me to come down far away outside town, 3 hours drive from Jakarta, located in remote village. He leaved phone number to contact. We had been forget if we had a piece of land and never consider as a source of funds.

I was bought this land when Indonesian economy growth rapidly before economic crisis in 1997, any plan that in our land will build a real estate.

06/23/2012...06.30 am
Before answer above email, I hospitalized for 20 days in VIP room of Jakarta International hospital, of course with expensive rate. Thanks God ,the costs beared by 2 insurance companies.

07/13/2012...6.30 pm
Leaving the hospital, now the cost of medication on our own. Praised God He blessed 4 my children with good job, can afford some of the costs. The rest from our own saving. Then recalled those misterious email above as a possible source of funds for my medication.

09/16/2012...02.00 pm
After ignored some calls from the misterious man, this time we meet and negotiated the price. Through hard discussion we come to the agreement at some point. They paid 10% in advance payment, before administration process. 

09/22/2012...01.00 pm
Now our saving could afford to bear my medication costs and the rest of funds may buy a brand new car to replace the old one. 

This story too good to be true but it is real in our life. God send someone to email me a week before I fall sick, that in short period of time I need some funds and remind me to sell a piece of land useless for so long.

If we are depend our faith on Him, God always loyal to His promised and we will lay over the green grass beside clear river.
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