Sunday, September 23, 2012


                       New York
Dreaming that one day will walk in the soil of Uncle Sam country come true when the opportunity open up when my company send me along with 2 friends attended seminar of Information technology in the capital, Washington DC.

My passport stamp saw that May 24, 1991 was the first time United airline landing in Dulles airport, Washington DC and  take off to Jakarta from LAX airport, Los Angeles at June 20, 1991 

After the seminar my friends return to Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, while me stay for  almost a month for seminar, training and 14 days working holidays. I take this first opportunity to take my wife and 2 sons, high school students.

                      Los Angeles
A week in DC we took the opportunity to enter White house, visiting the Capitol, Smithsonian museum, Vietnam war monumen, Washington tower, Indonesia Embassy, Jhon F Kenedy grave yard in Arlington and many more. We tour the city by City tour bus, Indonesia student's car and taxy.

For costs reason, we stayed in a motel outside Distric Columbia, in Virginia, with weekly rent including breakfast. For relatively short distance, we took train, such as DC - Niagara, New York State and saw the village along the rail way. Convenience train.

While in the Eas cost, we toured wellknown places such as Empire State building, United Nation building, Twin towers/World Trade Center, Liberty statue in Ellis island, we step up stairs till to the torch and many more. 
Then board train again forward to DC local airport on the way to the South, Florida.

We were not visit Florida city but Kennedy space center and a whole day in Orlando, a must see tourist destination in the South like the one in Universal studio, Los Angeles in the West coast.

After exhausted but happy toured East cost, North and South, before flying back to Jakarta, Indonesia, we remembered to see the city of film stars, Los Angeles including Hollywood in the West coast. Eager to see well known Los Angeles city, including the houses of film star, high society of American. All houses look like a Palace, high fence and beautiful garden.

No one  will leave Los Angeles without enter Universal studio and fingers mark fame in China town walk. A whole day spend to see how the film taken and the location background in Universal studio.

On the way back home, I asked my second child, a calm son, Monang :"Do you want to study here in State ?" "Yes pap", he said instantly. Soon after he graduated from high school, we accompanied him far away to Olympia city, capital of Wasington state, bordered with Canada, study 
English for a year.

When his 2 siblings followed study in State, then we come often to USA to spend the holiday in Christmas season, once drive own car to the North California, especially San Fransisco. Shot photo with Golden Gate and sail under the bridge and Alcatraz prison become sweet memory for my family.  

Second, on  Christmas we tempted to see Gamble and Boxing city in the neigbourgh State, Las Vegas, Nevada. Chlidren just play slot machines for token, not intend to play gambling as many seniors did.

The third oppotunity, when Chistmas season approach, along the main road, buildings dressing with tree and blinking lamps in Piladelphia city when I attended Bankers course in the University of Philadelphia, attending by Bankers around the world. Before back home to Jakarta, I spend 2 weeks holiday in Los Angeles, lived in my kid's apartment. 

In a summer holiday, we drive to the West of California along with Situmeang family, USA citizen passed the desert to Arizona in the mid west. Also passed Indian reservation, special located in their homeland.

Total States we had been visitted in a decade between 1990 - 1995 are 9 from California in the West coast to New York in the East cost, from Washington State in the North to Florida in the South, Virginia, DC, Nevada, Arizona and Philadelphia. Hawaii not included cause just stop over couple of times.

Many things positive effect of travel in USA to our job and family as well, broad our mind to accept multi cultures mix become an American culture. The law and order in any aspect of life. Open the opportunity to whom working smart, take advantage of education in the Universities.

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