Thursday, September 20, 2012


If we want to grow fruit trees in the field, the seed should be choose,  build the fence, watering, fertilizing and maintain regularly basis until bear the fruits for the owner or for the market as well.

This principle applied in our household in teaching our kids early in their childhood. Waiting until teens a little bit late. In order to prevent them from bad environment influence, we fenced them with God verses, whatever our religion are.

God verses teach daily basis by setting up gathering ritual all family members including small children, reading holy book and prayers by involving every member to read or leading a prayer. It may take turn one by one for a whole week. Also sing songs or chanting your religion ritual to make the prayer live not so rigid.

The ritual may take place over the desks or better off seat in the floor over sheet in relax mode, free discussion two way traffic.

By reading and surrender to Almighty, the kids easily to understand what is good or bad in their peer. They will say no to the bad habits of teens they are interact in daily life or they encourage to share in discussion in the evening prayer.

If they are going to the college away from home even abroad the dogma taught in the evening prayer will echo when a temptation come. We no longer available to monitor closely our children communities, but by prayer by parents and the children as well.

The fruit of evening prayer in early childhood will appear decade later or more when see the children become activist in their church or when they raise own children  will copy the evening prayer in their own.

It was we did since 4 of our children seated in the basic school even the parent blessed in a good position as Bank branch manager.

Beside, peace and abundant life will follow guided by God Almighty in their jobs and household who fear God as the consquences of evening prayer.
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