Sunday, August 19, 2012


                     larantuka harbor, east nusatenggara

Prayers with full of  faith from sincere heart of family, friends and myself , just like smoke fly to God in the highest and help by tools and medication prescribed by the Doctors. The first thing is prayer followed by medication and for my case, exercises is the third factor.

It was happened when I was hospitalized a week in semi ICU room and 13 days in regular room in North Jakarta International hospital, Indonesia. The prayers flow endlessly from families, friends, priests and congregation.

Two of my kids every day never absent and didn't rely absolutely on the skills of medical doctors but put their faith to Almighty. In the end of the prayer  always closed with a prayer that Christ Yesus taught, Our father in heaven, not our will but Your will be done.

My families from my side and  wife side, came far away from out of town some with tears to see how weak my condition is compare to how healthy I  was previously with sport activities. They came in rush to hear how misery my condition. They encourage me with hope and prayer, with hope and faith HE will heal me.

                               bukit kasih chapel, tarutung, north sumatra

4 of my church's priests came in the first opportunity since I was their partner while I was an elder for 7 years. They  read me selected verses from the Bible or leaved verses to be read and always closed by prayer. They are God's shepherd who anointed formally. 
And in the first Sunday service, in July, 10 of our churches across Jakarta, Indonesia capital pray for me with thousand of church goers.

Some activists of my church group by group visit to the hospital too, encourage, joking and before leaving pray with me hoping recover soon to continue my services. In the last 3 years, church elders requested me to be an elder again, but I turn them down cause my age not young any more. Now reconsider to joint the services back.

Beyond my church, a group of priests of 20 in my hometown, Sibolga, North Sumatra set the time of fasting and prayer special for me. They utilized my house as their office and training of their organization more than a decade. 

Hundred of Facebook friends wrote touching messages in my wall made me shed tears. They knew that I like swim and mountain bike, how come  I fall sick and hospitalized. Some of them spend the time to visit to he hospital.

When I passed critical time 7 days in ICU hospital room and so many prayers supported me, any hope that the prayers reach my Almighty, soon He will awarded me with new life and new assignment. Amen
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