Saturday, August 18, 2012


This year 2012 is a special day for  me in my birthday August 15 when my condition still weak, in recovery proces after tree weeks hospitalized in North Jakarta International hospital. My children and son in law, Moeslichs, Peggy, Pahalas and 3 grandchildren gathered at home and sing Happy Birthday over a deli cake prepare by my oldest daughter Vera.

Today, August 17 my family will celebrate again in a lunch along with  2 my grand children, Antonia Jones who born at August 17, 1998 in Los Angeles and  with Jonas Situmeang, 3 year, who postponed his celebration July 3, since I was in the hospital. Jonas cheer up with his number 3 candle over a deli cake. He eat up a lot as his sibling Tobias as they familiar with the American menu taste.

A funny thing happened and everybody laughing when our nurse, Umar, a new comer in town from the Java village, confusing to choose so many kind of foods and never saw or eat such menu before.

Even I try the lunch at the court food, but my children preferred in Sisler, American Resto at Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, cause 3 of us celebrate together and the bills at their own pocket, Peggy and Pahala.  
I couldn't walk stable and seat over a wheel  chair, but my children wish to appreciate their father.

At night all family members gathered again - without me - to celebrate Antonia Jones and David Sitorus who born at August 16 at Sitorus house. David is the son of Cherly Pangaribuan, my wife little sister. They cook at their own houses and take to the host house and dine together various kind of foods.

This gathering consist of 6 siblings included a brother will dine and dancing together in Batak song. The host will inserted between the fingers Rp. 20.000 bills or US$ 2 to whoever dance. Some got 3 - 5 bills made the gathering cheer up.

The celebration is in the weekend and Independence day of Indonesian republic August 17, finished till midnight.
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