Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Either risk taker or safety player, may reach their goal of success, depend on the Organization, Corporate system and Culture they rely on. If your company not promising further solid welfare, find out other opportunities available else where.

When I was very young, 27 years, bachelor,  I assigned as a Rubber Factory manager for export products, who manage 5 senior managers. Got excellent pay check, car, housing and free meals. The benefits couldn't hold me to stay long after realized the Corporate culture.  I take a risk of unemployment for sometime with 2 toddlers before enter a State owned Bank.

Kept loyal working in the same Corporate as long as Corporate culture and pension fund guarantee your family protection. My son who assigned in HRD Department never try to moved for more then decade after he knew exactly the value benefit of pension fund. In relatively young, he had the opportunity, got the promotion to be Mall Vice Director Jakarta for his performance and loyalty.

See the opportunity and surrender your home title for loan collateral is very risky. Avoid doing this if your business prediction not secure. 
I try this once and my house almost liquidated. Thanks God we repay the loan before the date line come.

When I was entered 7 years before retired time and my position stuck in the second rank of the organization, I saw the business opportunity in private sector, I grab it and leaved the Bank behind. No one dare doing so, run for uncertain future, risk my family.
I made it through hard time, got US$ 1 million loan for stackers rental in Jakarta port and all paid. 

A risk taker not a gambler but a calculated risk, grab the opportunities, it doesn't come twice. While loyal executive is not a safety player as long as the Corporate culture open the chance for everyone who performed well and loyal. 

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