Saturday, April 7, 2012


                                         1. A Team:Ellen, Adi, Joelieth, Pino

How to keep young, not solely based on the age factor. Many factors influenced our being including balance life  between intake foods, exercises, stress, memory active usage, relationship environment and many more.

                                2. Young writers and me

Look at the first pictures above, they are 20 years or more younger than me in our discussion about Web site, Books and program development, taken pace in Starbuck coffee in down town, Skyline building. My memory pushed to think the new technology, old cultures and many aspects in tourism world.

The second picture was my community in poetry word, "", the writers club after the 3rd gathering in Old Jakarta compound in North Jakarta, where every one read their own poem and got inputs from the others. Poetry world, also make our soul live young, speak out loud our inner beauty to the readers. Even I was not in the high level in the poetry, but I love to exchange comments between our community until recently and I am proud to be known as a poetry writer.

Work burden and performance influenced to our own being like my close friend below, Mr.Dominggus, a lawyer. He look similar with my age, but the reality is we are differ about 15 years, due to his white beard and might be work too hard. He was too kind to help his clients, so he work and work till late.

                                         Dominggus and me
                                              Nia Erni M and me

This lady above was my Face Book friend for quite a long time, more than 3 years, we met once in music performance, when I invited to read my poem. Music and poem are two kind of communities, who able to live up our soul, kept young.

When we are in active follow the trend, new technology, inter relate  in art world, balancing life, working by normal working hour, exercise regularly, hopefully your being and soul kept young, beyond your real age.

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