Sunday, April 8, 2012

ENJOY PEDAL..... Any Time

Ancol beach bridge, Jakarta

One of many kind of sports that public enjoy is biking, either for daily usage, bike to work, enjoy weekend, community gathering nor championship, locally or international. Biking in order to keep healthy is not common yet, except for few groups of biking and me as well.

Almost every single day I pedaled my bike around Kelapa Gading business district in North Jakarta, going to ATM, buy small groceries or have coffee in the mall. Some time on weekend went to Ancol beach, 15 kilometers away (above pic). Also enjoy the weekend, went outside the capital to one cold city, Bogor in West Jaya by train, spend more than an hour drive. Return to Jakarta late afternoon after a Sunda  lunch in green environment.

                                           Bike on board iin train

                                      Caltex/Chevron supermarket, Duri town

When I missed my family and home town in Sumatra island, I took my bike with me fly from Jakarta to the Southern part of Sumatra where my little sister lived  in Duri town, well known as Center of Caltex/Chevron oil company. In a week, pedal my bike around town for deli breakfast, swimming, to family house, shopping, ATM, to keep me fresh.
Spend a week there before leaving to Sibolga, North Sumatera, my home town, spend 10 -12 hours Bus drive, leaving early night fall  and reach destination town in early morning.

                                          Sibolga water fall
                                        Two Sibolga rock tunnels       

Step down from the Bus, take a tree cycle Becak to bike shop to set the bike, then pedal to my house along with the becak carry my belonging. Touring Sibolga town in a week, breakfast, deli fish lunch, visited my family, hunting the beautiful sunset. On Sunday pedal 10 km to the west along the coast side, jointed the Church service early morning wear proper pant and shirt..Then after the service is over, wear a sport pant and shirt again, have lunch on riverside, a fresh yummy grill fishes.

I take my bike wherever I go, lack of information that in Lake Toba, North Sumatra, many rental shops available for Rp. 10.000,-, around US$ 1 an hour or  Rp. 40.000,- in a day. But for sure drive my bike whenever I needed not necessarily every time run to the shop.

                                         Bike over the Bus roof
Love to pedal the bike for hunting sun rise and sun set, every day looking to the better spots to shot the sun at down or before dark fall. One the best spot is in a cafe in the corner of the road, sipped coffee along with several western tourists. Beside,  in front of  my Hotel room, a Gazebo built to spend the evening waiting for the sun rise and sun set as well. Brisk air blow, lake look like a mirror, passenger boat pass not to far away.

                                     Under the cold morning sun

In early morning I was ready with the bike in the Gazebo to wave hand to stop a Boat, passed by every 30 minutes. Push the bike to the boat without any help from the crew and put it down on the 1st floor, while all passenger preferred take a seat in the second floor under the roof or under the sky, enjoy cold morning wind blowing softly.

                                        Down town Tarutung town, North Sumatra
                                         Motor bike up hill
Step down from the Boat in Parapat harbor, without any help, I carry my backpack and pedal bike to the road to stop any Bus to the next destination, Tarutung town, 100 km to the South of Lake Toba. My bike tied up over the roof of a mini Bus. After mid day reach the destination and pedal a mile to down town have lunch, a Kwetiaw, a kind of deli fried Noodle, well known  in town.

In order to get exact information, I asked the police where is the safe Hotel for stay overnight and second the location of Salib Kasih, a hill for prayer. Police pointed to the East about 7 kilometers away, not mentioned that it is impossible pedal up to the hill/mountain about 3 kilometers up steep hill. The next morning, I stopped in the coffee shop where a gate signed written Salib Kasih.

                                       in front of Governor office

                                       Grill, Padang sate and coffee

Fortunately, someone offered me lift up to the hill by motor bike and drive me back late in the morning to catches up a mini Bus back to my home town, Sibolga in the West coast of Sumatra. To enjoy green environment of Sumatra, on my way back to Jakarta, I opted to the South, spend 3 days  pedal my bike in Padang city, capital of  West Sumatra.
Enjoy famous foods of Padang like Grill Sate Padang and rendang Padang in its original ingredients cooked by Minangkabau people....So Yummy

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