Thursday, April 5, 2012


 ,BCA Director and me

                                               Indo Bankers in Manila, Bank BRI, BNI, Mandiri

Word "Bank", originally coming from Italian "Banca", mean bench or Table, where a man served the costumers in saving or lending loan, as a middle man. He is not going to the field to offer the services. That was why The Bankers always wear a neat, clean clothes, white shirt and blue black pant and jacket.

The upper pic was my long friend in Bank BRI in the same level, Deputy General manager  in the same area of expertize , Information technology. The last decade he transferred from my Bank to Bank BCA, the biggest bank in Indonesia as a Managing Director. When I asked for sponsorship last December 2011, he approved instantly for Rp. 25 millions, equivalent about US$ 2800, it was because of our friendship.

The second pic are Banker friends, one of them in the middle promoted to be a Bank BNI Managing Director, a bigger Bank belong to the Government, not long after Manila conference. My English better then him when we discus with The Philippine Bankers.

                           Me and Kupang Bank BRI Branch mgr

                          Bank BRI personnel and me

When I visited my old Bank BRI Branch office in Kupang city after say good bye over 2 decades ago, the Branch manager and the personnel, especially the old generation, welcomed me with warm respect. I don't expect anything, but a nice car and a driver ready for me anytime for 5 days when I assigned in different task not related to the Bank business in this capital of a province, 2 hours fly from Bali island.

Even I had been pension period long time ago, since 1998,  Bank BRI still paid a signifant respect for me as well as other personnel. Just mention who  are you, they always paid a serious attention. When I asked donation for printing my Biography book  title "Bankir Rakyat", management pay me a significant amount of money, Rp 5 millions, equivalent about US.$ 550.

Friendship in Baking environment relatively strong, appreciated what we had done for the company in our working period as long as we mentioned who are we and what had been done for the company, the friendship among management and the personnel kept in strong relationship.

                                         My Biography book

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