Sunday, April 1, 2012


                                   Singer with Ukulele
To support the family, a kind of temporary job done by whoever dare to sing in vary quality of songs, from melodiously, quite good songs till just sing with hands clap.  They step up the Bus going outside the Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta and sing  alone, duo or group on the way  with different music tools.

                                             With a colorful guitar

Before singing, the opening ritual begin with a short announcement something like this :" Apologized to bother you ladies and gentlemen", without a music. Then continue :"We are a group of  singers not a thief and we do it by honor with our voices". Then closed with plea :" Please share your dime or token to support our life, thank you". Then the sing begin.

                                 Jakarta - Merak town
One young man, good looking guy, speak arrogantly say :"Ladies and gentlemen,  bla bla bla...and don't be look like sleepy, please donate, your abundant things couldn't be taken to heaven", he said. He beg for token but by harsh sentences.

                                      Duo girls sing and box music

Some of them, distributed a small size piece of copy paper in handwriting just a few sentences said : "Please donate to support our daily life, thank you". This paper I saw it 2 weeks previously by a duo girl singers on the weekend too. I have no idea if these singers organized by someone or an organization.

                                      Mini drum and me
Some singers had a quite good quality of voices and proper rhythm, while the other sing just like the kids, no music tools but hand claps, make our ears hurt. Some in nice shirts, the man mostly with a little longer hairs style. At least they performance look attractive with guitar, small ukulele, small box of music instrument or a mini drums.
                                       With instrument box

Tree way they collect the token like hat, a paper cup and a small copy paper double sides, formed like an envelope. The last type distributed before the ritual begin, the one had written in a very short sentence, asking for support for daily life. Most of  the donation are coins in Rp. 500 but some in small notes of  Rp. 1.000 or Rp. 2.000 as value as 10 - 20 cent US$.

These Bus singers out of town allowed by the Bus syatem and Government as well even some of them disturb the convenience of the passengers. Just like the food sellers or any kind of sellers step up the Bus while stop in a certain Bus stops, they step up freely to offer things to the passengers.

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                                 Bus stop in Karawai otw to Merak town

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