Friday, March 16, 2012


                           Volunteers Ria Aziz, Ineke and Inggita

Preach publicly through Television around the world able to touch viewers' heart and soul, was an old method ,well known for long time ago. But touching public through social media like Face book  beyond the countries border relatively new, especially for me.

When see and hear flooding, earth quake, tsunami or starvation far away in the corner of the World, without hesitate, without asking, people's heart touched and ready to help, go to the area, give hand, send tools and transfer donation. Beyond border, race, nation, skin color, "human soul and heart" whisper to give a hand.

                             Volunteer Nanda, Pino, Ferdinand
As long as  the goal is honorable, pure social purpose,  not necessarily begging for help, as something bad happened, something in extra ordinary occurred, our heart beat harder, automatically willing to offer help including funds. When we announce the need in proper way, we are credible, people will asking : "What I can do for help", "What is the Bank account number" or " where the address of collecting things"

The important think is "the Credibility" of the Organizer, The Committee or the member of the Committee and the openness of reporting of activities, especially finance. If the Committee head and members are credible and respectful, friends and friend of friends believe that their aid will handle properly by the right person.
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