Saturday, March 10, 2012


Behind every success there are always be someone or a lot of people involved to make it happened, who sweating, fatigue, long talking in discussion, administrator, helper, wife and another simple people. A leader would never forget the story behind every achievement. The names should be written for remembrance
                                     Ellen, Adi, Joelieth, Pino
In order to accelerate any program, including our program in tourism, .information technology function is a significant tool, beside Tourist Potential Book, Booklets, brochures and other old system.
Aware and realized that matter, once early afternoon Januari 2011, tree of us,  me, Adi Gerimu and Septia Ellen sit down for  few hours in Gunung Agung Kwitang  Bookstore for coffee and talks. We agreed to assigned me to send email  to the Committee head among other thing is not necessarily to hire and pay someone outsider to develop the Web.
Fortunately  Mr.Eddy Lenggu, Committee head agree, preferred to choose Adi Gerimo, our member to develop the Website of VISIT NTT 2013.

Since then gathered for discussion the web materials including photos were the most topic to be talked about beside other tools like Book and brochures managed by Joelieth member, a professional from printing house, her own. The places to sit down are in Starbuck Sarinah, Bakoel Cofie Cikini, Seven Eleven Sabang in Central Jakarta and Starbuck Pasar Grande, Blok M, South Jakarta.

The most obstacle are the photos, the real photos authorized by the photographers, not just copy from the Net belong to some one. Yes, photos in the Net unprotected, free for every body. But doing for business, be ready to be sued anytime. We got some resources and authorized   us to put it in our Web but only in some area, tourist's destination. We need a lot more. We should go to the sites to take pictures on our own our pay someone professional. Or set a photography championship and buy the winner's photo to be ours.

Our sweating then paid back after the new dummy of the new web named www.nttexoticislands presented in front of the Committee and Local Government Representative officer in their office. The Government happy and enthusiasm  sparks from their face.

The day will come soon to present the Web, programs, Potential Book and brochure in front of Marie Pangestu, Indonesia Tourist minister

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