Monday, March 19, 2012


    Ofi Ayal Flint

Reading and writing is just like two sides of one coin that when you love to read then you stored a huge information in the memory and up load it whenever needed and write it down. And how to write it down easy, depend on how you kept your habit to practices regularly.
My regular writing come up to the surface in the last 3 years when I spent my long holiday in California, USA took advantage of Public Library facilities, to sit down uninterrupted.
In the last 6 months I spend my time to write a special theme about  tourist destinations, including culture and traditional hand waving.

                                       Edu Hena, Pino,Yung Kebe

Many readers praise my writing who lived far away, never met face to face and when the time come take the opportunity to meet, shot photos, took advantage to chatted, to acknowledged in front of a gathering, how they eager to meet me, called me as a good writer, who inspire them to write as well

                                         Nanik Trickey and me

One Lady, Miss Nanick Trikey, US citizen  came to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia along with his husband, Ron met in a lunch at Gajah Mada restaurant, next to Sarinah Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Another  lady, Miss Yung Kebe came from Denpasar, Bali island to a Young Catholic Seminar in Jakarta, took the opportunity to met our community and me especially in a formal meeting at one Representative office of local Government in Tebet, South Jakarta in early march 2012

A friend form Queensland, Ofi Ayal Flint like to read my writings in  my Face book wall, up loaded or linked to this blog or my family blog including my Biography of my  First thing in my life and also sad story of my sister in a special topic and she eager to know more about the interesting stories about my family life.

Surprised, I never thought that she read and like poems too written by two authors, one local and one foreigner The poems apply universally  to every one, beyond the border. I copied one English version  from , and the other one is from local author, Nopalina Manurung..

In the next holiday, Flints family plan visit Indonesia and especially her origin Kupang and stop by in Bali, hopefully Lake Toba and Jakarta too where we may meet with his hubby Stephen and 2 boys, Master 7 and 11 and off course shoot the picture with me as a writer

A reap of writing and reading come later by acknowledge of our readers, so we are not hesitate to say to our self and to the public as well : "I am a writer". This statement could elevate our spirit and soul to keep writing for joy or for living
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