Thursday, March 8, 2012


                                     Wellem Jerico and wife
We couldn't lie to what motives behind our deed, soon or later we will reap the consequences of what we are doing so far, good or bad. May be, the community kept silent, no comments at all but they are not blind, they had the feeling and soul, notices closely, pay serious attention to whats we are doing.

After return comments many times with compliment of what I had been done so far, ultimately, one day he wrote in my wall a shock word: "You are a hero".. A little bit surprised, because what I had been done solely do it by passion, no personal benefit behind, including not run for the fame.

In the last 5 months I spend lots of my time, thought and  resources to help promoted tourism of the exotic islands, an archipelago in East of Bali island or in the North of Australia. Every single day I posted message and stunning photos of this region who got so many comments, who willing to come and visit some day, that they didn't know the information so far.

The man mentioned above coming from a small island, Sabu island, called "The town of gods", one among my many friends who coming from this island, the people lived in harmony who honored their old traditional and cultures. Until one day I wrote a poem who touched his heart and comment :"You are Batak , but how come you may come in to our culture, that I was not fully understand", he wrote honestly from the bottom of his heart. I never met with this gentlemen, only return some comments in Face book.

Yes, I was originally not coming from this region, but from far away in the west part of Indonesia archipelago in North Sumatra island, well known as Batak tribe. With  passion, spend more than 5 years worked in this region and love to travel around the world. After a lots of reading, finally fall in love with so many Wonders in this exotic islands.

When someone, Sabu origin attacked me this week saying I copied his photo from internet,  he come forward, take responsibility and defense, said :"It was my fault to ask his help to promote my home land", Wellem Jerico wrote in my wall. Actually, the photos in the net without any protection are free to copy, not against the law in the world.

Whenever we do it by passion or by personal motives, soon or later community will know for sure why we did any activities, ultimately Community will protect or support or otherwise we will lose face after covered up open.

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