Friday, March 2, 2012


                                      Jakarta elders meeting

Love to meet a new person every day along with a new character and a new background, surely will enrich our knowledge, get out from our closed community in the similar background, start with new friends along with new opportunities. In the new environment, new networks, we forced to learn something new in order to keep and  stand in one level

Once I spend 7 years as an elder among 125 elders  in our congregation of an old Church in Central Jakarta, working as a volunteer. Meet them regularly in Sunday services or in the meeting in a nice brotherhood. Most of our time and thought was to serve the community or the congregation based on our faith. No business talking and no competition in peace brotherhood..

After my serviced was over, I entered the new communities,  new friends, totally new environment and different background, never interacted before. The first was from poetry world, the environment I entered since beginning 2009 ago. Then realized I knew a little about poetry world, then start to learn from the scratch, run after the top writers far younger than me. So enter a new environment, new community, we adjusted our behavior to be welcome and start to learn a new theory and practice how to write a nice poems. I proud to be one poem writer in my life.

                                   Me (cap) in between the poetry writers

The second is entered a new community as a Task force or a Committee to promote the tourism in the East archipelago province, East Nusatenggara, a  rich  region of tourist destinations .Interesting to joint this organization because my passion in traveling around the world.

 East Nusa Tenggara

Inside this Task force organization, met a lot of members with different characters, behavior, specialties and backgrounds to enrich our way of thinking, let others member convey their experience and expertise.
In the regular meetings, discussion a new matter arises along with the problems and challenges to be solved, make our mind full of energy to find out the solution

Outside the organization we must interact to a lots of the parties involved, new person, new habit, new behavior facing the new battlefield. And automatically open a new business opportunities and in the wider Networks, that good to be inter connected.

So open our mind to entered new possibilities interact with the new parties, do not jailed our activities in the similar Organization or Community for too long. Try a new challenge, new opportunity, a new business for a better life.

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