Friday, March 9, 2012

1.000 SHOES for Barefoot SUMBA School children

                                 Inisiator Ria Aziz Basoeki, Pino, Elok

1.000 SHOES for School ChildreN

Some time we doubt about the news of poverty  in the corner of the World, but seeing is believing after visited directly to the spots then arise awareness and our soul touching to do something to help. Mankind consciousness wish to do something meaningfull.

A member of group of Indonesian back packers  in page "Beautiful Indonesia" Community, Elok Diah Messwati visited a small island in Sumba, in East of Bali island in the North of Australia. She saw a group of school children walking bare foot. Then 2 weeks ago wrote on her Facebook account  about this story and I suggested her to ask donation, to collect 1.000 pair shoes. And only shoes for just one village, to focus and lets see the problems on the way before expanding.

In a very short time this new idea got so many enthusiasm  from the group, willing to participated, to help, donate, packing and travel to carry the shoes directly  to Sumba island.
A week before we sit down to organized the action, the idea not yet publish, Miss Aziz Basoeki send me a shock messages told that shoes had been collected about 915  pairs. Fortunately, I was not felt down faint.

Thank so much for the donators, who came from vary backgrounds, especially from Quran reading An Nur  and JFK biker group and others who eager to participate to help the needy one far away from the capital  in the corner of Nusa Tenggara province

A member originally from the island, Nanda Tob quiver heard the amount collected, she imagined the big smiles sparkling from small school children face who dreaming so long  to have shoes. Nanda willing to be assigned to travel, carry that shoes to the Village directly

I met Ria Aziz and Elok Diah for the first time last month in a gathering between 2 Communities, Beautiful Indonesia group and Visit NTT Commity group in a lunch. Myself as a member in both group acting asa a coordinator along with Elok Diah.

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