Monday, December 12, 2011


Eddy Lenggu

General rule said that age over 55 years, is the right time to retire. From psychology point of view, this rule make a paradigm that over 55 are useless citizen. Malaysian language made it harder, said that retired soldiers are useless. Malay's anecdote in Malay, well known in Indonesia as said : "Asykar asykar tak begune"

In reality, at least in Indonesia, after retired in 55, they keep busy working to support the family, since most employee get the pay check relatively small couldn't afford for the family.. Beside, not working after retired, affected mental disorder like power syndrome.
                                                     Pinondang Situmeang
I had no data to support my theory that over 55 still capable to work as before retired. But some Government agencies in Indonesia, used this assumption, acknowledged by  issued the  new regulations to extend the retirement period, over 55 until 60 years.

What happened when I entered a new organization, VISIT NTT 2013 committee and met The head of The Committee, Mr.Eddy Lenggu, 54 years (photo on top) with full energetic man along with his Vision, that needed  hard work and long time  to accomplish his dream until his life time. I am far older than him, 65 years try hard to run after his fast moving.

He was retired early as I did, as a high echelon in National flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia with his experiences represented the company in Europe and in many countries. Now he wish, eager to share his talent in tourism to elevate poverty level of NTT citizen by tourism and business related to tourism or business from the sea sectors, since the climate of this eastern part of the country couldn't support agriculture sector.

Even in his near period of retirement 54, he still full of energy and encourage the youngsters in the Committee
and me as well to execute in running mode what the dreaming, to promote our home town, east Nusa Tenggara province, the Wonders of tourist destinations in the World. Among other big assignments we did in a couple of weeks were took a request letters to Panasonic Goble President, Rachmat Gobel, Director of Sriwijaya air, Director og Garuda Indonesia, National carriers, Bank Mandiri, KOMPAS daily and Gramedia printing company.

So, never see a seniors or retirements in an eye, they are not useless citizen. Keep doing the best of your talents beyond the ages, because the sky is not the limit anymore, the opportunities lay beyond the sky, grab it..

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