Sunday, December 4, 2011


If you travel around the World you may find one or two amazing tourist destinations in one country alone and eager to go there, plan  2 years beforehand, off course a lots of funds saved.. Spend 2 weeks or more holiday  in a far away country and shot and got only in selected area of tourist destinations.

But if you may travel to a special place in the South, you will see dozen of Wonder destinations you may never dream of, never heard and never promoted. Your camera and video would shot so many memories on the journey. Remember one thing that not every body has the opportunity to go there,  just few lucky visitors knew and visited this archipelago.

May you still remember, Comodo reptiles, in Comodo island, the 7th wonder in the World, its located in this area and just one of so many wonder tourist destinations,  a country resided in South east Asia, in the eastern of Bali island or Northern of Australia. This area belong to East Nusatenggara province in Indonesia. This province consist of 22 districts and one municipality in the capital city, Kupang at Timor island

The others wonders, dozen of them scattered in the archipelago as shown in the first photos above, a photo of the manual book of traveling in this area. The area, you may never heard before such as Flores island, Sumba island, Rote island, Savu, Alor, Lembata and many more  small islands, where the location of Wonder

                                          Nembrala beach
These 2 photo above are extraordinary waves in Nambrela beach, the 2nd top surfing location in the world after Hawaii, USA, the spot that surfer dreaming to hover over the waves.
Located in Rote island in the Southern of Timor island.  Regularly, yearly basis an International championship held it here in Rote island, the second top ranking in the World after, Hawaii, USA.
To reach this location, you may fly from Denpasar, airport of Bali to El Tari, Kupang airport and then take a ferry to Ba'a town, capital of Rote island. Just 45 minutes drive, you awill walk down in Nembrala beach sand.

Photo above are Alor island, the top location for diving in a very slow flow underwater, a very convenience environment for diving and snorkeling as well.To reach the location recently in two ways. First from Kupang, the capital, sail to Alor island. Second direct from Bali island to Alor island.
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