Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Good education from the basic school until University is the first step on the way to the top ladder or high position in the job. Bad reputable schools, Universities may awarded a Doctor degree, but impossible to produce a top leader in professional market. The quality is very important factor. Lets pay attention to Harvard shcool graduates. They seated in a high position.
Differ in the world of political sector, a good negotiator or the best in speech might be seat in a high position.
                                    Mr.Suwignyo and me

At the end of December 2011, precisely, December 28, I met one member of  the Board of  Director, the best Bank in Indonesia, Bank Central Asia, Mr. Suwignyo Budiman at Head Office, Wisma BCA building next to Hotel Indonesia. I don't expected  to see him soon when phone Rina, his Secretary for an appointment late in the morning. She return called my phone early afternoon  conform for next day meeting early morning 9.30. Fortunately since the end of the year the activities drop down slow, some Board members took a holiday and no meeting to attend, so we have a lot of time.

He was appointed for the 4th period of 3 years each as a member of Bank BCA Director. Previously he was working in our Bank, Bank BRI. In 1990 he was a Deputy in IT Departmen in Head Office who manage IT of Branch Offices across the country and me as DeputyGeneral manager in IT for BRI Unit Departmen who manage IT of thousnad of stand alone PC across the country.

In 1992 we went together to IT Seminar in Washington DC, USA. After the seminar was over we separated, I took 2 weeks vacation around States with my wife and 2 boys.

His star shine bright, good work performance and he was one of many BRI young personnel who got the opportunity to go to USA for Master degree. Mean one of the best employee who past the hard test. After graduated 2-3 years later most of them seated as a Board of Director of Bank BRI or BRI sister companies or Branch managers in foreign countries, like Hong Kong, New York.
Once I applied for Master degree, but my age over 27 years not eligible to joint the study abroad..

Once I was a candidate for HongKong, but unfortunately, I had no foreign study, so the Board selected someone else.

I had the opportunity to meet him after more than a decade never met. Our committee, VISIT NTT 2013 asked Bank BCA to be sponsor or put an advertisement in a Tourist book of NTT in High class edition to be distributed to Embassies, Travel agents, Airline etc. As a friend he advised me  in business like what the relation between tourist's book and the bank business. But he will help some in advertisement.
He also advise to print a Culture series of NTT just like Batik shirt, Old Keris nife etc, print in a high class edition, then to be a valued Book for reference, Bank BCA might be a sponsor too                             

                                  In 20th fl.Commissioners Floor

What surprised me was, even in the position for 10 years, he kept humble and smile a lot. He said working in Private bank easier than in State own bank. They work professional and the second layer in BCA organization were a selected and the best to do the business
                                    Commissioner head, Mr.Setiyoso and me
In his senior age, similar with me, he look fresh and in balance, proportion body since he play golf, swim or just running at least 30 minutes every day before come to the office.

We talked in the noiseless room, a wide guest room in cozy environment in 19 th floor for about 1 hour before meet ihe next guest. Before leaving I asked if A Commissioner head, Mr.Setiyoso available, my ex Superior, Bank BRI Director in 1990s. Without an appointment I met him in a special floor in 20th floor. After a short chat and take a picture I say good by and shake hand again Merry Christmas

                                Bank BCA Head Office at prime location

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