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                           La Habra public library, CA


Many friends asking how I had been so productive in writing, especially in this Blog. My only answered was writing regularly, daily basis.
Let me tell some of my personal experiences in writing. The first thing to remember is prepare your soul to be called "a writer". Tell it to your inner soul, not expecting coming from outsiders. If you remind yourself as a writer, easily to put yourself in a habit of writing, seat regularly in front of the monitor, regularly, not once a week or whenever the mood is right. Absolutely write in daily basis, no exception. Hot or rain just return to your desk. How long you spend to write, its a matter of time and will grow longer and longer.

Initially I had written in Indonesia mostly about my experiences, family or job matters as a part of my Biography publish in 2009, including drafting my first poem "Lari dari Bayang Pariban". Then start writing in simple English.
Some of the topics then posted here that start at on June 2009. Slow but sure in the first year the visitors reach 10 a day right after reach 100 topics with 10 categories. Ultimately after 18 months the visitors reach 50 visit average and sometimes 100 visits especially on weekend.


                     My Biography

I thinking hard, what actually visitors catches their attention about. Among other things  where the articles so broad and written in simple way , up dated issues and entertaining. That was why, Vera Situmeang, from Palembang, South Sumatra - not met - leaved a special comments and  become a new slogan for me  "GO JINGGA". Thanks Vera

When write a topic, never think of what will be the out come. Just write, like a river flow down to the sea and imagine write 365 days, means you had the full materials for a Book. Read again, you will astonish not to believe it that writing belong to you. We feel better and proud of our being as a writer.
Day by day unconscious become better and better.

Try to write a different kind of sectors will  make it colorful and attractive and a lots of alternatives to selected when click the blog.
You may prefer the time, when the best time in your daily life to sit down and relax at home or outside. Before your hand start to tap the keyboard, turn off cell phone, TV sets, closed the door and focus to finish a topic, 2-3 pages, a chapter or a poem.

Never skip a day without writing, don't ever make an excuse, whenever mood is good or whenever the inspiration come up. Be ready a notes book to jot down every ideas flash to your mind before forgotten.

Off course better off if we read the Books about the sentence structures, technical matters, punctuation, the beginning and the end. But it would follow later. Not necessarily  read a lot of Reference Books but never write something. My recommendation is, start to write, the technical aspects will follow later.

Thanks to my children Monang and Pahala who afford to finance my 6 months vacation last winter 2008. I took opportunity to write daily basis followed a reference's book to guide me in writing daily basis either at public library, at home or at coffee shop inside the book store at La Habra city, South California. Going home to Jakarta I carried a big bag full of Novels and the manual book of writing, that my son had to pay $.100 for overweight bagages.

Lets start to write and write

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