Thursday, March 31, 2011


Dr.Soetomo Hospital, Sourabaya, east Java 

Herbal medication was not independent way of treatment but cooperate with modern facility such as Laboratory, the doctors an accurate size of dozes. Take Stone kidney for example. Observation needed The Laboratory equipments.
To advice using herbal medicine could be proceeded if the stone diameter not more then 1 (one) centimeter, the artery loose enough and the calcium rate not too high.

Modern treatments with its medicine sometime couldn't, unable, hands up to cure certain diseases. In Indonesia. its usual then looking to another ways, switching using herbal to cure.The most common diseases in Indonesia using herbal are High pressure, Cholesterol, Sugar, Asthma, kidney, Rheumatic, Obsessive, Palliative cancer, Hepatitis and Triglyceride

Recently Dr.Soetomo hospital in Sourabaya, East Java ,Indonesia, had special Dept named POTI, Poly Obat (Medicines) Tradi tional Indonesia headed by Dr.Arijanto Jonosewojo.Also teach in local University,Airlangga. According to him  Indonesia herbals 95% proved able to cure certain diseases.
Up until today, the challenge is a doctor should diagnose accurately by Laboratory since no standard formally set yet used Nationally, approved by The  Government

The idea emerged when a women come to see Dr.Arijanto, after analyzed she had a high stadium of Chest cancer, predicted unable to cure any longer, just spend sometime waiting till the end of time. But a year after she return to see him again, who surprised that she cured and healthy.

Airlangga University Sourabaya now, where Dr.Arijanto teach, set up 3 mayor study in herbal, acupuncture and message.
To improve this kind of medication, Medical faculty of Airlangga University  sign a cooperation with Beijing University of Tradition Medicine especially in Tradition way of China, that Chinese well known for so long.

After stone kidney operation succeeded  then analysis more details. If the stone coming from a very high triglyceride then C vitamin not allow to consume. But if the stone cause by  calcium oxalate, feel free to consume everything related to C vitamin.

So everybody that helpless through the modern medical treatment why don't coming to Dr.Soetomo, Sourabaya, East Java using herbal treatment handle by a doctor using modern Laboratory.
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