Wednesday, October 13, 2010


                                          Dakota DC3
I was proud fly by Garuda airline, National carrier of Indonesia, using Dakota DC3 like foto above, in 1969 for the first time, from Kemayoran, Jakarta airport to Sultan Taha, Jambi airport in Southern part of Sumatera island on my first job in Rubber company, 40 years ago.

Flying by DC 3  propellers type planes seated over a chocholate chairs made of buffalo skins. When in the process of take off, we seated just like in bed position for a while.

My first trip abroad in 1970, flying Garuda Indoneia airline stopped over in Changi airport on the way to Subang airport,  Kuala Lumpur by changed the plane to Singapore airline. My english couldn't understand at that time, so an Chinese  desk attendance called someone :"Talk to him", she means talked to me  in Melayu language.

On our return flight from Olimpya, Washington State capital  to LAX Airport, Los Angeles in 1992 as a  United airline frequent fliers, we fly United, American company. But few minutes before boarding we transfered to another plane, ALASKA airline and our bags left behind. So we fly a strange plane we never knew before.

The similar experience happened in 1992 we fly a carrier that some people avoided using, flying Israel national  carrier EL AL from Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv to Scippol Amsterdam. We came 1 hour before boarding time and KLM desk turn us down. Since we should catch up KLM flight in late afternoon, I requested to transfered us to other plane available. We never expected boarded on Israel carier EL AL. Thanks God we. fly save and sound at Schippol airport late in the afternoon right on time

     EL AL airways

The first experience never be forgotten, the first time flyng...., the first time abroad....the first time using strange aircraft and everything for the first time experiences

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