Friday, October 15, 2010


Up until recently, the old building - built around 60 years ago -  still going strong and look fenomenal. I had been a student in 1962 and that time we proud to be a Gajah Mada  student.

It set a tough criteria to enrolled, the high school diploma average value minimum 7 (seven)  plus  passed the written test. Descendants of a wealthy or high officials no exception if the diploma under 7, they are not eligible to applied. Thanks God and thank my parents who could afford to pay my monthly allowances for 6 years. 
I had one funny memory in this building. Early every month I will asked administrator if my  money transferred (by post office) is coming or not. If any plane roaring in the air, I expected they took my transfers allowances along with the plane  and the next day I would ask the same question again.

     Gajah mada building, Bulaksumur, Yogjakarta


My parents worked as an merchants of rubber, small factory of rubber, local bus transportation, rice trader and textile traders and shop, both worked independently until their senior age. We lived in a simple house, below.
We kept the house up until now as an original as remembarance of my parent as long as I lived. And my descendant know where their ancestor coming from

My parent house 1960

What I missed a lot when I studied in Yogjakarta was the sunset that I watch  sitting beside a wrekage ship in harbor compound. Sitting while uncapped peanuts sold by a man called "kacang goreang", means fried peanuts, not fried by oil but by hot sand.
Unconscious the memory built in under my mind and missed it as long as I lived and if I  missed it, I will turn my car or take a bike to go to Ancol beach, just to inhale the noise of waves to the shores

                                         Sibolga sunset

Thanks to my parents to allowed me leaved them lonely since I was the only boy with 5  sisters. They preferred me not going far away and not going to University. My dad said :"Your monthly income could be gain just in one week", he said to hold me stay. But my willingness to get a higher education answered :"Sorry, I have to go".
Then they reminded me :"You have to return home, if we couldn't send your monthly allowance", they said. But for 6 years in a row, I got my diploma and get a good job.  

Thanks God, my parents and thanks my Almamater as well, so I may achieved the best in my life

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