Thursday, September 30, 2010


The connection, relationship between two hearts in two continents resided far away could be bridge by a pure heart. Its shown just by a very simple poem.

I had 3 Savu kind ladies not known each other physically, one lived in Jakarta and the others two resided in other continent, Australia. Fransesca Von Reinhaart stayed in Byron Bay and Enny White far away in Southern part in Queensland, New South West.

Once I wrote a very short comment on Enny White account that I intend to write her a poem about the Ranch and she said "Please, I like it", without any expectation will coming soon. After I wrote 2 poems for the other two ladys, all concerning Savu and related, they like it....then I convince myself its the time to write one for Enny, title Rumput hijau di Queensland, means Green grass at Queensland.

She shocked to see a poem  in her wall one day unexpectedly and I like her comments . While crying she wrote :"Its a good poem and show a BRIDGE between friends even never met face by face". Another comment that I will never forget is: "You always write a good poem, we fortunate to know you", she said. I didn't believe in what she talking about. But since she called me in Savu nice calling like Ma woke or kaka berana, ama tana..I felt appreciated and honor.

What make me astonished is when she invited me sincerely and Nia Erni Miha Baho as well to visit their ranch
in Queensland to sit in the horse's saddle and fishing in the lake. Its wonderful and nice vacation.It is a  very kind family that two hearts bridge just by a very simple poem.

The poem itself posted in her wall and in my account as well, told a glance about Enny's ranch, green grass, family and touching her heart until shed a tear of longing her hometown. Two among 6 ranches, named similar to Village's name in Kupang, Timor island, Nun Baun and Nun Hila, where I ever knew, when I assigned in that island. I didn't expected such a respons from her how she miss her home town. She had a beautifull and happy family, every body dream of.

Few days later, I got unexpected request that she would like to order my Biography book as shown in my profile foto, sent to her in Queensland or to Bali. Her family will celebrate her birthday next Desember in Bali that I invited as well. Do you believe it, in this modern ages, we find a true friend, bridge only by a short simple poem ?. Thanks The Lord you saw me a humble heart to be my friend

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