Wednesday, August 18, 2010


  My head fill with so many thoughts and wishes. 
So many things for wich I have dreamed. 
But the only thing I really want is 
the day when I first met you, 
 When you say I DO.

Wishes present from the bottom of a heart, valued much more then the gems, the precicious stones, gold, diamonds and luxurious things.

Saturday night I kept awake over 00 hours midnight, entered a new day, Sunday, even before hour 00 exactly at 11.52 my monitor blink red dot indicate any message coming.  Ida Martha a young activis at my church, GKI Kwitang, central Jakarta with her wishes. Her name put in top list along with Silvana Toemon (33) her group in helping street kid project in Jakarta.

Up until today, the wishes  reach up to 56 persons, listed in chronological order :
  1. Ida Martha
  2. Rian Garyati
  3. Ridma Siregar 
  4. Normalasari Butar butar
  5. Harri Allan Situmeang
  6. Riri Harahap
  7. Dominggus Luitnan
  8. Untari Setyowati
  9. Vhi Simanjuntak
  10. Pandan Wangi Viona Situmeang
  11. Pitriana Widyaningsih
  12. Nur Jehan
  13. Bikson Pasaribu
  14. Fadjar Hariwati Santoso
  15. Nia Erni Miha Balo
  16. Johannes Gosita
  17. Nana Juliana
  18. Lia Kyu Situmeang
  19. Endang Puji
  20. Maya Julien Nency
  21. Hery Prasetyo
  22. Tulus Mulyono Situmeang
  23. Chendra Panatan
  24. Mercy Kirana Sihombing
  25. Leny Jewel Situmorang
  26. Ika Rudatin Luitnan
  27. Yemima Ie Maraya
  28. Evelyne Suzana
  29. Ria Aprilia
  30. Enny White
  31. Fo'naro Lavau
  32. Sthepany Theodora Mulyono
  33. Sylvana Aryani Hamaring Toemon
  34. Syndiana Situmeang
  35. Yole Vivasye Siahaan
  36. Natania Agatha
  37. Winny Malo
  38. Sigit Darmawan
  39. Henra Banjarnahor
  40. Akso Sugiharto
  41. Osmaria Noni Panggabean
  42. Sri Rahman Tanjung
  43. Evron Abadi Situmeang
  44. Philippus Djami
  45. Uni Naomi Situmeang
  46. Prins Panjaitan
  47. Reo Panggabean
  48. Nurmawati Telaumbanua
  49. Edison Manik
  50. Sisilia Bintang Sinaga
  51. Oneil Situmeang
  52. Sherly Kilapong 
  53. Monang Situmeang
  54. Woro Sudarwati 
  55. Priskilah Widodo 
  56. Demak Sitompul
Sylvana, Ida Martha +street kids

By accident on the same day I had been scheduled as a service leader  (liturgos) at Kapuk Muara post , west Jakarta, but nobody knew is my birthday, expect Mrs Iis Afendy who chatted with me a day before, when she checked out my profile
Three of the list coming from abroad, my wife's niese, Mrs.Vhi Simanjuntak lived and work in Dubai and Evron Situmeang, my relatives, lived at Lomalinda city, South California and Fajar Hariwati Santoso, wife of an Italian,  lived in Italy, I guess, since her wishes noted in Italy's laguage and I answered with Italy as well, after Google few minutes - sorrry if I made any mistake..
  Evron Situmeang family (43)

Most of the friends, 15 friends, coming from my community in my church, Gereja Kristen Indonesia, central Jakarta remind me where I belong, the place I had been a members for 33 years, since 1987, including 7 years as an elder. a volunteer dedication time and talents.I knew all of them and they knew me well as well. I had a special memory every year, that my anniversary celebrated at the same time with my church, at this time is a 81th.
Nine of the list are belong to Situmeang family name that only 2 are my close relatives. The rest, 7 didn't met anywere before, but they send me a warm regards. Some of them asking my profile to know what their exact say to called me, is a brother, father, grandfather, son or grandson,  In Situmeang family, everybody know what exact number they are in the family tree. This tradition are very complicated since hundred years.

Interesting comments coming from a friend in Jakarta Church organization, Mr.Nugroho Imam Panuju where I was an Auditor for 4 years, said :"Keep your young soul and never stop serve Him"he said. His images  mean that for 4 years in a row he saw me always keep young in spirit in church service, in my senior age.

Sigit Darmawan (38)
Almost the same image coming from Sigit Darmawan, a younger generation who assigned as Study & Development Team in drafting master plan for our church, he said :"Wishing you are the light house in your enviroment" and he copy along a quote from Franz Kafka :" Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone to keep the ability to see the beauty never grows old"

                                             Nana (17), Rian (2)
Among the friends, I had at least 2 who love write the poems regularly almost everyday in Face Book and we exchanged funny comments, support, console, advice each other. We made a collaboration in drafting a poem and also I wrote a short story about each one of them, even never met physically. We had made a close relationship in the net, once by a sad poem who had made a crying a lot and the silly picture just to comfort or make friend laugh out louder, LOL every saw the pic.

Salomo. Toby, Peggy, Ramos,Antonia
Fryday night my younger son, Pahala Situmeang call ed said :" Papi what time do you at home tomorrow", he said that he will come to our house with Shinta, wife and 2 sons. My eldest daughter Vera Situmeang and her husband Moeseley Simatupang come without notice along with 2 sons. All gather at home along with my second daughter, Peggy Situmeang and her beloved daughter Antonia, who lived with me.

They intend to take me to a restaurant in the evening. But I can't go because I had a meeting and choir rehearshal for Indonesia anniversry celebration at August 17 at 17.00.

Before I leaved the house, Vera and Pahala hand me an envelope. Thanks Inang, Amang. My son, Monang  Situmeang and his wife Sarah who lived at California send a warm wishes in FB as well.

This year, I had a special, sweet  memory, where I got so many warm wishes and prayers and true love from my own family. May God bless every one of you to the years to come.

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