Monday, August 16, 2010


When  your heart touch other soul, there is no room for sadness, because love in your heart is the best medicine. Long distance friendship might be established with the help of  IT, especially through net facilities. The friendship also might be closer between friends resided in a far away, compare to our closer relatives, closer in term of time and space, physically.

No wonder if chatting in the net without face to face, people tend to tempted to talk about secret personal matters then with someone or close friend physically nearer.

Let us see photo above, what is your instant comments or thought. when see the picture.  My first  impression  and reaction is laugh out loud, LOL and never stop laughing until my stomacth ache. The same reaction happened when this lady in the photo, without any hesitation posted the pic and send it instantly to her best friend, a netter far away in Jakarta.

Why she volunteered to do that, because they like each other, they suupport each other like they did in the net so many times before. Yes not so long ago they met once for a while in a noodle shop in Jakarta. But since then they become closer, almost in every day they contact, say hello, joke and everything happeneded in daily life.

She was in handling proces by a beautician  in Perth, Australia when her  BB ring,. In the monitor  show up  a  accostume's name, Rian Garyati from Jakarta. Nana said :"Sorry I couldn't chatting right know, I will read your poem soon", she said politely. Rian known as poem's queen, posted poems regularly and endlessly in FB. At that moment her beloved  son, Nate shot a pic (above). Without any hesitation  Nana push the button right away, send to Rian. Since then many people had the opportunity to acces, to see the pic..

Nana & Rian in the 1st met

Rian, the same narcists lady who always posted  all kind of styles of pics in her FB account, but never before posted a crazy pic like Nana  did. A  second after pic show up, Rian can't hold it any longer  and break LOL.
So on a whole saturday afternoon August 14, Rian's fingers never stop hitted the computer  pad, typed funny messages. Even more, rushed to dial Nana phone : " I dial long distance call just to let you hear my laugh, my LOL" she said.

Another comments in Nana box written :" We are really crazy, this minutes today I made never ending laugh, just like a ghost". She repeat the similar remarks again and again to show how narcists is the idea of posting such as extra ordinary pic.

Nana explanied what are she is doing to her face :" In order to relaxacing  my tired eyes, fresh  cheeks" , she said. Face treatment using a traditional ingredients in modern technology in beauty handling busineses.

Nana's first cousin, Anny Kencana surprised to see the pic in the first place and agreed with Rian by saying: : "Its a very special pic, a nicest photo in all family's albums", she said praise the pose  Nate snapped it. Her hubby  saw the pic  with big smiles, laughing without any objection, he didn't care at all.

Return messages, narcistics, funny, emotions, happy, sad were common behaviour in their relation through the net., daily basis. Whatever come to their mind - especially  Rian, the poem's gueen - instantly show up in the monitor.

Initially Nana saw her own pic in BB, a small gadget monitor, not took her special attention. But after sitting behind the computer, she was wonder, unbelieveable,. "Look just like an alien" she wrote in her account later. At that time, she think it is ok to make a friend happy, to lift up friend's soul in facing life, a sacrifices for the sake of a friendship, a new friend but a real one more than an old friend.

Actually, they expect me to joint the joy moment, to share LOL together, as we did regularly far before this rare event.  I read  their message asking my whereabout.Usually we return messages politely,  no  offends, sharing what happened that day,  in happy environment.

Unfortunately, I had something to do the whole afternoon. But soon in early evening, I turned the lap top and saw unbelieveable pic,  two eyes covered by two slices green fruits.
My instant question is : "Na, its really you ?".

Rian share the happy moment with her family, her hubby and son, they gave a big smile too and wonder how close both of them. Rian have a plan in mind  that one day will fly to the south, to Perth to meet her soul and love net's friend, a real friend indeed.
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