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Loving mother never ending and every body missed their mother so much, it happened everywhere, now and then in every corner of the world. Below two stories from Palestine and China.

Mosab, son of Hamas, Palestine
On September 1, 1977, a prison guard returned my belongings and the little bit of money I was arrested, handcuffed me, and put me in a van the soldiers drove me to the first checkpoint they came to in Palestine territory, Jenin in the West Bank. They open the door of the van and removed the handcuff.

"You are free to go" one of the man said. Then they drop off in the direction we had come from, leaving me standing alone on the side of the road.

I couldn't believed it. It was wonderful just to walk outside. I was eager to see my mother and my brothers and sisters. I was still a two-hours drive away from home, but I didn't want to walk quickly. I want to savor my freedom.

I strolled a couple of miles, filling my lungs with free air and my ears with sweet silence. Beginning to feel human again, I found a taxi that took me to the center of a town. Another taxi took me to Nablus, then to Ramallah and home.

Driving down the streets of Ramallah, seeing familiar shops and people. I longed to jump out of the taxi and lose myself in it all. Before I stepped out of the taxi in front of my house, I caught a glimpse of my mother
standing in the doorway.

Tears rolled down her cheek as she called out to me. She ran toward the car and threw her arms around me and patted my back, my shoulders, my face, and my head, all the pain she had held in for nearly a year and a half poured out of her

"We've been counting the days until you return", she said. "We were so worried we might never see you again. We are so proud of you Mosab. You are a true hero"

Zengda, China
In year 2003 China had selected 10 most heroism among 1,4 billions of citizen of People Republic of China and one of them was a boy named Zengda, 10 years old. Why this young boy succeded over the welknown citizen so far ?. This is the story.

One upon a time, he felt so sad when his mother dissapeared, nobody knows, abandoned Him and his father in a bedrest. The father fall sick of Diabetic. Zengda the only one who take care of his father and supported their both live.

One early morning the father said :"Zengda, I want you to rised by someone" he said. Zengda struggled to blink back tears, but he can't. The tears drops down on his cheek while begging "No father, No, I will never leaved you alone", she said. "We will be together forever", Zengda said solemny.

In the dawn before he leaving to school he would gathered leafs to be their break fest that previuosly he tasted for testing. If its made him throw up, means the leafs not allowed to be consumed  After break feast he took him to have a shower by pull him up on his back and then laid him down for bed rest. This going on for years.

Besides the leafs, she gathered the mushrooms as well from the field not far from their villages. The testing procedures run as the leafs taste. If the taste are good means they allow it for their meals. After school is over, he spend a time to gathered woods from the fields and sell it to the market to buy them rice and other foods.

The assigned Government committee made a through investigation and evaluation for years - until he was about a teenager - about his good behavior, responsibility and decided he is the one among ten influenced, responsible people in a very populated country in the world.

When they awarded the certificate of honor, the TV reporters asking him some questions :"What do you want the Government rewarded you", they said. He kept quite, had nothing to asking for. They continue asking "The money?". He answered :"No I don't want the money". "The house", they tempted him more. "No, I don't need a house". "What about the food and medical allowances". "No, I don't need anythings", he kept saying, while looking to the camera, hoping his mom watching the news.

The reporters confused and asking the last question :"So what do you want for your reward?". He made his point by facing up to the camera and his lips closer to the mike saying :"I want my mother back", he said while his eyes blur of tears and drop to his cheek, and continue :" Mom please come home, I miss you and we love you". "Please mom, come back home" his right hand wiped the tears running

When this story told by a preacher, Mr.Thomas in early morning sunday service at GKI Kwitang, Jakarta, I noticed, two women - at least - seat closed by, wipe their eyes more then once. I don't know how many attendants drop a tears or two in the back rows of the seats of around 600 visitors. Mr.Thomas is a guest's priest from Gereja Kristen Indonesia, Maleo Raya, South Jakarta, preach the sermon on sunday, April 25, 2010.
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