Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Antonia Jones

I heard  a story about a young boy who lived in the inner city. He was about eigt years, and his family was extremely poor. And cold fall day, he was up at the local store looking in the window admiring a pair of tennis shoes. As she stood there, cold and barefoot, a lady came along and said, "Young man, what are you doing staring so intently in this window?"

Under his breath, and almost shyly, he said, "Well, I was just sort of praying and asking God if He would give me a new pair of tennis shoes"
Without hesitation, the women took him into the store and very gently and lovingly  washed his cold dirty feet. Then she put a  brand new pair of socks on him and told him to pick out tree new pairs of tennis shoes. He couldn't believe it. He was so exited. He had never owned a new pair of shoes. He'd always worn hand-me-downs.

After the women paid for the purchases, she returned to the little boy. He looked at her in disbelief. Nobody had ever taken that kind of interest in him. With tears running down his cheek, he said, "Lady, can I asked you a question?. Are you God wife?
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