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CONTOVERSIAL man ...George J. Aditjondro

Breaking news, lightning spark across Indonesia archipelago sky by a new contoversial book   "Uncovering Cikeas Octopus".
Some knew who is the author, but some other younger's generation didn't knew much about who was George Junus Aditjondro. 

He was a sociolog who spoke and written a lots, critizied Soeharto's rezim and for safety reason, he had prefered to leaved the country, lived  in Australia  for 7 years in 1995 to 2002 and worked as a lecturer in social sience mayor at New castle University.

He had welknown in public since 1998 when he had the heart, critized the Goverment based on his own researchs. He had critized all running Indonesian Presidents, including Abdulrahmad Wahid and even The first man, Megawati's husband, Mr.Taufiek Kiemas, he had dare named him  as R.I.1 and a half, as a powerfull politician.

George, not young anymore, 63 years, hair touch the shoulder,gray beard,  born as a Chinese origin in Pekalongan town, Central Java at May 27, 1946 had written a lots of book critized Soeharto's rezim caused Goverment banned him in March 1998 to entered Indonesia. The Thailand goverment banned him as well to entered the country until sometime in 2002.

The books theme written in 1998 - 2006 mostly corcerning the Goverment policies on Timor Leste oil and military, Enviroment missmanagement, Poor citizen policy, Cloves inhaling, Oligarchy (palace, military and party) and the last contovercy one was a Book title "Uncovering Cikeas Octopus" and its link to Century Bank scandal.

So far we never heard, never care about what kind of bussiness belong to Susilo Bambang Yudoyono family members until recently show up in daily news said that 4 Institutions linked to the family, Yayasan Puri Cikeas, Yayasan  Kesetiakawanan dan Kepedulian, Yajasan Majelis Dzikir SBY and Yayasan Mutu Manikan Nusantara.

I think its not difficult to set, to frame a Family tree of  of every family. In Batak clans, its was usual had a family tree up to 15 - 17 generations. George had pictured 4 generations Family tree of  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono family, started from welknowm army General, Sarwo Edhie Wibowo, father in law, went down over his grand daughter, Almira Tunggadewi. But lingking the Family tree with the foundations and business, we never heard off. It was

Many people curious about the content of 183 pages Book, printed  by Galang press Yogjakarta, since its dissappered as lightning struk the big Bookstores  in Yogjakarta few hours after the breaking news. Small sets of the Books had been sold, soon after marketted. Initial printing was for local, Yogjakarta consumption just 4.000 sets and planned to go National in legal launching in the beginning of Januari 2010

That was why everybody try to find out from any sources including searcing in the internet, that we didn't rely on its solidity, the story behind the Books, questions mark still. Wondered, we didn't know why the big Bookstrores withdrew it from their shelves, the red letters cover book with Octopus image and who told them so.

According to Mr.Amir Syamsuddin, Demokrat Party General secretary - belong to The president party - believed that the books categorized as "the junk books", because no corelation whatsoever between the title and Century Bank case.

Deny Indrajaya, from The President office said similar comments, that The Book "corrupted" as well, since the Title and the content didn't match. The title Octopus related to Century Bank, but the Book just written a little things about the Bank. The writer try to forboding the reader that his story told the truth but with lack of evidence, from law pint of view.

In many T.V talks show, Mr.Aditjondro, gray beard, scraft on his shoulder, seem reluctant to clarify in more details, except repeat that Goverment run Oligarcy system that only selected people and group run the Goverment.

In the other hand, some minsters and high echelon of Democrat Party backep up, adjacent the President policy to attact Mr.Aditjondro books. Mr.Djoko Suyatno, Minister Coordinator of Security and as a head of an Institution linked to Cikeas Family said that all Institution linked never had used fund raising for President election campains.

George Junus Aditjondro so far had been written nine Books since Soeharto era, as follows :
1. 1999, Politik minyak dibalik tragedy Timor Lorosae (background of Timor war and united)
2. 2000, Menyongsong matahari terbit di Puncak Ramelau, tentang pendudukan Timor (Timor case)
3. 2001, Ketika semerbak tjengkih tergusur asap mesiu (Tommy Soeharto bussiness)
4. 2002, Membedah kembar siam penguasa politik dan ekonomi Indonesia
5. 2003, Kebohongan Negara atas kondisi obyektif lingkungan hidup di Nusantara (Enviroment)
6. 2003, Menyelamatkan lingkungan dan ekspansi modal (Enviroment)
7. 2003, Korban korban pembangunan (Bad effeted of development)
8. 2003, Pola pola gerakan lingkungan (Enviroment)
9. 2006, Korupsi kepresidenan, reproduksi oligargi berkaki tiga: istana, tangsi dan partai penguasa
              (Corruptin in Palace, military and ruling party)

Dec 29, 2009
Nowadays era information available free everywhere and everybody had the access no matters the level of accuracy and solidity. As George got the information that had been available and knowledable of the society. If Goverment banned the Book's publicity, its might be growing gossip nor deceit.

Aditjondro spilled the bean in his contoversial fashion and he absolutely ready for the consequences including negative and contradictive point of views. Some said what sort of USA Phd he would have been, that his books lack of references and very weaks from scientific point of views. He had just collected some the information as a secondary datas.

If he paid a serious attention to the Institution files - easily accesible - he might had written the correct every single names printed. Mr.Patrialis Akbar, Minister of Law & Human right sured that the writer didn't mind to cek and recheck the Notary documents before written. For these reasons, some names written in the book had request the revision. Such as Mr.Jero Wacik and LKBN Antara, news publisher belong to the Goverment.

Mr.Jero Wacik, the Tourism minister show his regret in TV One talk show late at night at Dec 28 thad had ruined his reputable name in his big family and in the society as well and asking for a revision and forgiveness. If he didn't respons well, he intend to sue him alter,

LKBN Antara took a futher steps by sending Aditjondro Law notice for accusing the News company had to sliced 50% of the PSO funds and transfered to Bravo Media Center, the organization who manage President election campained.

The last insident happened at the end of December 2009 when Mr.George Aditjondro hitted the face - the left eye - of  daily news, Mr.Ramadhan Pohan who came to the discuccion, without invited. In the book the paper accused had got Rp.150 billions funds from Mr.Sampoerna, Century Bank's costumer, not from the Bank, actually.

Can't wait what legal action should be taken by the Goverment or President's family in order to clarify nor to sue the authors.

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